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Students In Nigeria Look To Get The Job After Completing Their Graduation But- Is Getting The Job Easy?

Why so much effort is given to earn qualifications? The answer is very simple- To earn job and better opportunities. This the real picture in today’s world. There are many courses like bachelor’s degree, undergraduate diploma, postgraduate diploma and masters degree programmes and many other professional courses. These courses are taken to ensure that one is qualified to make entry to the job market. Though it cannot be denied, however, there are courses which allow students to fast track the duration of the course programme to earn qualification. But does the earning job is easy? Let's find out.
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Hunting Employment

Plan your career in a way which will help you to get the job. However, one should not ignore his/her interest in learning the area. Today we have the option of learning in offline i.e traditional classroom education and e-learning. It's up to the learner which will they take. But I have seen many who took online undergraduate diploma and earned the livelihood (job) for themselves. But one should take the note that earning employability is not easy. Whichever the learning mode traditional or online you select, remember there is no short cut to success. In both platforms of learning, you have to equally work hard to gain knowledge and skill. Although, online learning allows greater flexibility and convenience compare to the classroom learning, but that does not mean one should relax and simply aim to complete the course.

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Post graduation, the campaign for job hunt begins. To make sure that you are applying in the right method and path you can consult career counselors. Besides, you can also look for the job placement agencies which will search job for you of your preference matching your qualification. Besides, job seekers can also submit their CVs into the job portals or can search preferred jobs at these sites. I would also recommend all fresh graduates to look for the agencies or centres which can help you to build additional skills including facing interviews. For undergraduate diploma students who have fast-tracked their course, they have the edge over others as they end course learning before regular course programme.

Need of Nigerian Economy

Nigeria have to create employment on the urgent basis to prevent the economic crisis in the country. If immediate measures are not taken. The country can face economic breakdown which might affect the lives of the Nigerian citizens. The study conducted by the World Bank reports that country will have to create further 40 to 50 million jobs. The report says the creation of job is essential to stop the economic crises. The report also says most of the Nigerian adults have the job but have less income and less potential job abreast no income security or job guarantee. According to Rachid Benmessaoud, Country Director, World Bank, Nigeria, “Understanding where people work, constraints to firm growth, and the skills needed is fundamental for formulating appropriate policies, and the detailed diagnostics in these reports are critical inputs to developing education and job strategies for Nigeria.”

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Benmessaoud has rightly pointed things that can help to Nigeria to avert the crisis. But transmitting the valuable ideas into practice is significant. The government of Nigeria and policy makers need to the device the real and practical approach for averting the economic crisis.

Finding Way Out

The government have to undertake measures that will shield Nigeria from becoming victim of economic slowdown. Meanwhile, it's also essential on the part of the students. Students enrolled to online undergraduate diploma and other courses should keep things in mind while for searching job does not get distracted by any negative elements or information. Students should remain focused to their purpose and let government take the steps to ensure they get job post completion of their graduation.

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