Friday, 29 November 2013

Plan Your MBA To Get Highlighted By Global Employers

If you wish to be successful in the world of business, or perform well in your corporate job, or want to make today’s cutting-edge business environment your niche, a specialised learning on business management is what you need. And, no better than an MBA can any course prepares you for such excellent level of performance that today’s corporate environment expects.

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But, if you are already involved in job or managing your business, or do not have so much financial back up for you MBA degree study you might feel disappointed. No more you need to carry your sense of helplessness, because through accredited distance learning you can pursue your dream.

Online Distance MBAs

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Now, you can avail many beneficial parameters of distance MBA programmes offered by the world’s top universities. They deliver the course content through online classes to the students worldwide. Enrolling your name to their programmes you can be a part of their virtual learning environments (VLEs), and only with an internet connection and a device like a PC, tablet, or even Smartphone you can always stay connected to your online MBA curriculum. There may also be a blended course in which part of your learning gets executed through virtual classrooms, and the rest is completed on-campus.

Similar in Curriculum

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Anyway, online Master of Business Administration is similar to traditional, campus-based MBA programmes, as per curriculum. In the first year of either MBA programme students are made familiar with general business topics, sometimes referred to as core curriculum. During this phase of learning you will learn the basics of business studies like finance, economics, accounting, management and organisational behaviour.

In the second year, you will be introduced to a specific major. There are also some business schools that even allow students to merge their graduate level business studies with other professional areas like pharmacy, law, engineering etc.

Career Opportunities

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Completing your online MBA from a recognised and reputed university with full official accreditation on the course, you stand eligible to compete for the jobs beside the graduates from on-campus MBA programmes. The accreditation and recognition of your degree will not have you discriminated in any respect. Your online qualification can earn you the positions such as manager in accounting, bank managers, consulting managers, marketing and operational manager, and many more. As an MBA degree holder the prospective sectors of your recruitment are

  • Healthcare concerns
  • Governmental organisations
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Engineering firms etc.

Compensation for online MBA graduates is equally fantastic as the on-campus ones. According to PayScale.com, annual salary for an MBA graduate can vary from 443,936 to more than $213,000. Salary range varies a lot with job roles and geographic location. As per your job role, you can expect:

  • $59,487 - $98,702 as a senior financial analyst
  • $61,070 - $125,692 as an information technology project manager
  • $77,143 - $213,970 as a chief financial officer
  • $44,642 - $88,249 as financial analyst; and
  • $52,811 - $153,090 as a marketing director.

Your salary scale can also vary as per the location of your job. In a country you can get a good scale, but in another it can be better. However, your online MBA programme gives you the potential eligibility to grab the best job in the market. It prepares you with all the benefits that enhance your transferable skills, without disturbing your life’s commitments.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Online Education vs. Traditional Education: The Unresolved Debate

Recent surveys show that there are many people who support online education while some still think that they are not up to the mark or at level with traditional college education. Many believe that the quality of the courses taught in online colleges is not good.

Many people all around the world like the fact that online education provides many advantages to students who cannot attend traditional colleges, like affordability and flexibility. They think that it is the best way to receive higher education. This being said, many also believe that the value of online education is equal to that of traditional classroom education and some still think that online education is not a good option and the quality of education offered is not at par with traditional education.

Also, a few concerns about online education can be seen in the job market. Some employees said in a survey that few employers think that online degrees are valuable and some also believe that they are equal to a traditional degree but some employers still believe that online degrees are not good enough.

Despite all the support that online education gets, many think that the testing methods are not strict and grading is rather casual. They also believe that people who grade online test paper are less qualified than teachers in traditional schools and therefore don’t grade properly. According to some reports, the response is equal but is slightly inclined towards the negative side.

“If leaders in the field want online learning to have equal status with campus-based programs, they need to do more to demonstrate high standards for instruction, testing, and grading.” - A Gallup Survey Report
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A new survey at Gallup reveals a new statistic which suggests, in terms of quality, people consider internet based study programmes as ‘only fair’ in comparison with two years and four years college courses. Another survey conducted by Public Agenda suggests that many employers want to hire candidates who have a traditional degree from a mediocre college to candidates who have earned a college degree from top universities through the online mode. Employers even admit that online education requires greater discipline thus the quality of candidates might be better but they would still prefer students who have earned a traditional degree.

However, questions have also been raised on the quality of education in traditional colleges. The strategic initiatives manager of The Free Education Initiative at the Saylor Foundation says that people have this sort of mindset because they are not familiar with online education and lack awareness.

“I don’t think there’s any weight to the belief that quality suffers in online education any more so than with a lot of brick-and-mortars. We know brick-and-mortar degrees vary in quality, and that’s the same with online. Are there diploma mills online? Absolutely. But there are brick-and-mortars doing that as well.” - Jeff Davidson, strategic initiatives manager, The Free Education Initiative, Saylor Foundation (Source: goo.gl/raEfz0)

Therefore, the debate is still inconclusive as to whether or not online education is equal to traditional education if not better.

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Saturday, 23 November 2013

HR Managers Are Indispensable For Any Organisation

Human resource managers play really vital roles to help their organization procure its goals and turning it to a responsible firm, both socially and environmentally. The ability of HR managers to effectively communicate at the right time and explain the future course of action to the employers is a crucial role these manager play towards their company’s benefit. An organization cannot build a good team of working professionals without efficient Human Resource department.

A survey conducted for the Conference Board of Canada in 2000 revealed that 71% of employees prefer working in companies that ensure social and community concerns. Similarly, about 68% of the students globally surveyed by Globescan in 2003 showed their strong antipathy to work for companies where scales of salary are high but environmental and social reputation are not so encouraging. HR managers ensure the right corporate environment is maintained within their organizations to have people growing interested to work with them.

Recruiting Right Kind of People and Training towards heir Developments 

Next vital responsibility they execute is coming with the plans and strategies for hiring right people to form an efficient workforce. They design the set of criteria suited for a specific job specification. Besides, they also formulate the suitable tasks assignments to an employee. Developing suitable training programmes for the employees according to requirements of an organisation is one of the major roles HR managers play. Together, all these factors determine the quality and efficacy of the workforce of any organisation.

Code of Conduct for Company’s Benefit

When it comes to internal employee-oriented communication empathetic, proactive and simple yet crisp communication are of paramount importance. Lack of transparency in management issues gives misinterpreted messages resulting ultimately in damaging trust. Dismissal from a job is difficult to handle, but how the news is presented, and negotiations are made can make a lot of difference. In time of difficulty or a crisis, the focus of HR managers turns on reducing company’s expenses by limiting staff and adjusting the labour force. By communicating in a best possible way during crisis HR managers increase motivation and commitment that serve as a preventive measures for the future.

Compensation and performance appraisal 

Compensation and performance management are central to the functions of HR managers. They minutely monitor employees’ performance and judge them against the expected standards. They make recommendations on the basis of the staffs’ performance, and create systematic team goals.

The most critical of all HR tools is the compensation and incentive programme. Generally companies reward on the basis of financial performance, singularly fostering the profit-maximising behaviour. The decisions formed by the HR managers are typically vital in this regard.

So, undoubtedly HR management is too vital a sector almost every organisation need as the most integral part. Therefore, study of this section of management is attractive for a lucrative career ahead. Getting a degree in HR management is an effective and consistent pathway to master on HR management skills. A learning programme that lets the students involve in some project-based curriculum to generate experience would be the best choice to give career prospect a guaranteed success.


A) HR managers are too vital for keep corporate affairs going The role of HR managers is too vital to describe in short. They actually monitor every other affair affecting company’s well beings and its reputation.

B) HR management provides the a great lot of activities in any organisation HR management supplies the vital source of activities to make any organisation unperturbedly moving on. From workforce to environment of any corporate organisation, HR managers give everything a healthy touch.

C) Study of HR management promises you of a consistent career Studying HR management you can be sure of a promising career ahead of you. It prepares you for essential managerial roles required in almost every corporate organization.



Thursday, 21 November 2013

Virtual Classrooms Are Equally Effective In Terms Of Interactive Connectivity

With the speedy acquisition of space in education sector, online learning is covering almost the complete public needs for intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth. But one might have in mind whether online learning can replace the in-person interactions, common in in-person classrooms. When one studies online his living room turns out to be his lecture hall, and online chat as student bar, and the computer screen as the interactive window. So, distance learning is not any isolated session of learning without the scope of mutual enrichment from peer-assisted, co-operative learning experience.

Online Community     

Virtual classrooms are actually a passive formation of online community that grows with the course of time. Online forums, Social Site Groups are but the online communities gathered online to share views among them. The communities encourage discussions on several problem areas in their course content, and make efforts towards peer-assisted solutions.

Unlike in-person classrooms the tutorials and lectures and supports from the lecturers takes online form in virtual classrooms where the students are not mere audience with no reactions towards the course content. Rather, online distance learning takes the shape of an interactive session between the teacher and the students physically distant from one another, yet connected with the chain of learning interest.

Supports from e-Tutors

Tony Priest who is a course director for the foundation degree in drug and alcohol counselling at the University of Leicester says on “e-tutors” to give support to the students, “Each e-tutor has a certain number of students who they follow through their comments on the discussion boards and answer their questions. They’ll also contact them if they don’t appear for a while and ask if they have problems and how they can help.” Some distance learning programmes give enormous emphasis on time spent on campus, and letting considerable time use on understanding each other’s problem zone. Distance learning, therefore, not merely a session conducted from distance any longer. It actually involves students to get in touch of their peers on account of their mutual benefits.

Students’ Unions are Immensely Supportive

The most noteworthy part in this regard is that the universities designing their online curriculums for distance learning programmes are supportive towards the online students with generous backups provided to them via students’ unions. They also provide access to student counsellors through Skype. One is getting all types of information and solutions to his problems from the counsellor even though he is communicating with his counsellor online. Practically, there is no difference in effect. The difference is all in process and medium.

The maximum benefits online students can ascertain from their learning programme through the self-motivated study, engaging the peer students in every little affair in the process. Being online the possibility even becomes bigger. One can get in touch of his teacher, counsellors and friends continuously, even on the go.

The benefits of technology in online learning are immeasurable. The development of mobile learning has made the advantages of unperturbed connectivity intact whereon one remains always attached to one’s course content, teachers as well as peer students. The interactive effects are, therefore, not any less in online distance learning. Of course, the style and mode is different from the on-campus learning sessions.



A) online learning is as effective as offline one in terms of interaction

Online learning involves as much interactive benefits as any on-campus course. Here, in distance education the style and mode of interactions are different. But, at the end of the day the process serves all requirements of online students.

B) Online distance education complies to the every communicative requirements

The modern technological developments supply every requirement online students need to communicate with each other, and with their teachers and counsellors. Online students enjoy the full session of collective connectivity like the ones in any campus-based course.

C) Distance education is no inferior so far interactive utilities are concerned

In terms of connectivity among students and between students and teachers online distance education is far above than being any inferior to the on-campus education. The techniques and medium of communication is only different.