Wednesday, 6 February 2013

What is your Future after Dropping out of School?

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Students at work in the Science wing of Christ School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When a student enroll into a school for acquiring knowledge there are many who drop out of school without completing their academic curriculum. It is because many of them cannot cope up with their lessons and there are many who do not take any interest in studying.

At a tender age when children begin their schooling they should be guided in such a way that they get used to the school environment and do their lessons daily. But there are many kids who are pretty restless and find no interest in studying and their mind is diverted towards other things.

But do you think it is right for the child to quit studies if they find no interest in learning? Absolutely no… It’s the responsibility of the academic faculty to make some changes in their institution or pattern of so that the children build interest in their lessons and there be lower rate of failures in schools.

But there have been improvement since 1976 which shows there have been more school graduates than failures. According to the officials the more number of students graduates, the more better it will be for the besieged economy and there will be high competence for jobs.

If students drop out of school would they ever find a good job for themselves? Of course not! This existing trend has to change and it has to be made sure that students do their studies and obtain a high school graduate certificate.

Students should be made to realize the significance of education. They should be molded at the earliest in such a way that they put in all their effort and dedication to do their studies.

But past one decade there have been a rapid improvement in the academic field i.e. in 38 states there has been an increase by one percent in the high school graduation rates.

Some of the countries which are in the leading position in terms of high school pass outs are students from California, Pacific and Asian Islanders and Hispanic students. Dropout rates of students are more in New Mexico, Mississippi and Arizona.

It is high time that the education system must do something for the academic benefits of the students so that they may learn with more profundity and interest to achieve their target degree.
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