Friday, 7 February 2014

How Online Distance Learning Changes Education in the Caribbean

Looking back at the education trends in the past couple of decades, what do you see? A classroom, hundreds of students scurrying here and there and a tutor delivering a dull monologue. And all this was available only to the ones who could afford to go to university. The bricks-and-mortar education system that was restricted to privileged people had little to offer to learners coming from less affluent backgrounds.

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With the innovation brought by the Internet, most impediments to education have been removed. Students can now access information whenever they want and learn wherever they are in the world.

RDI supports hundreds of Caribbean students to fulfil their dreams

RDI’s vision is to change people’s world through innovative learning by delivering UK university courses that fit around work and family. Their convenient learning programmes cost up to 60% less than traditional, on campus universities and provide lifetime opportunities to many residing in Caribbean countries.

Josina France
“My experience with RDI was excellent. The enrolment and course selection process went smoothly. The financial cost of the program was affordable, and because of this I did not have to obtain a loan or seek financial assistance from my place of employment”, says Josina France who got her MBA degree from the University of Sunderland through RDI.

She found studying online a wonderful experience, which enabled her to achieve a UK university degree from the comfort of her home in Antigua and Barbuda.
“I would recommend RDI to anyone who intends to obtain a degree through distance learning because of its credibility; the professionalism and level of support given by the staff; the flexibility it offers to study, and the affordable cost of the programmes”.
(Source: http://www.rdicaribbean.com/student-experience/)

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Advantages of studying by distance learning through RDI
  • Expert academic tutors and dedicated programme co-ordinators guide you throughout your studies to help give context to your learning.
  • RDI gives you the support you need to achieve a degree from an accredited UK university. And pursuing an online qualification from a well reputed UK university rewards you with a degree that is recognised all over the world and could boost your career and earnings.
  • Tuition fees are 30-60% less than campus learning in a UK University.
  • Flexible payment options such as Pay-as-you-go and instalments are available to make learning more affordable.
  • Access to an international network of students that enables you to share knowledge, bounce ideas and career opportunities.