Thursday, 31 December 2015

How Nature Inspired Tech Innovations?

Nature has always wondered mankind. Probably this is once big reason that has inspired humans to adopt new technologies which are inspired by nature. The imitations made from nature to has led to tech advancement. One can search on the web to find how nature is inspiring the human to make new engineering designs. Mini robot and prototype needle are latest in the innovation.

Image Source : bit.ly/1NTyz3y

Delicate Brain Surgery With Prototype Needle


Image Source : bit.ly/1PyRKAi
It took six years to Dr Ferdinando Rodriguez y Baena crafting STING (Soft Tissue Intervention and Neurosurgical Guide). It's a prototype needle. With this needle complicated brain surgery can be performed. The technology is inspired from the female wood wasp. According to Prof Julian Vincent, Zoologist, Oxford University, “You would not know the design started off with a wood wasp - and that is a strength.”

Auxetic Material


Auxetic resources are useful in receiving the impacts. According to Prof Andy Alderson, Principle Research Fellow at Sheffield Hallam University, “Auxetic material is a material where when you pull it, it actually gets fatter rather than thinner.” The Ph.D. programmes of is examining how auxetic materials could safeguard the sports-person by taking helmet and shin pads. There is also an intention of bringing it to the application for the medical purpose like making artificial inter-vertibral discs. It will a great remedy for the incessant back pain. Presently the fabrics, fibres etc. are being made by the humans.


The Gecko tech


Image source : bit.ly/1P1xnsL


Well don't be confused it's not the name of the new tech but Gecko lizard has inspired technologists to make machines similar ability of holding the stickiness. NASA has devised similar machine called Grippy which has carried out repair work on the space ships. At the Stanford University, researches have made small robots which can drag objects 2000 time more than their weight.


Robotic Cheetah


Image source : bit.ly/1NWHwGY
Prof Sangbae Kim and his team have built a robot cheetah. The robot was made at MIIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The machine cheetah can run with the speed of 21 Km per hour. Besides it can leap to hurdles of its own. The real purpose is to innovate a new model/pattern of transport. According to Professor Kim, “ We are focusing on four-legged animals, to understand how they efficiently run in the field in nature so we can take the inspiration and use it in the engineering world.”

Whale Effect On Technology


The whalepower corporation tubercles in turbine blades to increase the effectiveness of turbines, pumps, fans and compressors. It has been invented by Dr Frank Fish who named the tech as Tubercle Effect.

Spider Inspiring New Tech


Kevlar is being used to sail the boats was invented by the Stephanie Kwolek. Though the real intention was to make spider silk, however the world got Kevlar. It's considered as the appropriate clothing for sailing the boat.

Swimwear Inspired By Shark 


Image source : bit.ly/1IFvQMd

The dermal denticles increase the speed of the shark. This has inspired a swimming costume manufacturing company new swimwear claiming it no be exclusive. However, the claim is yet to be proven right. Abreast, the aerospace industry which is desperate to use similar tech for the spaceship is yet to achieve breakthrough.

Innovation Will Continue


Nature will continue to allure science and hence technology will born. And nature will keep inspiring the mankind to make newer technologies. Many techs has made it to the real world and many other will come to existence. Innovations influenced by nature will happen to benefit the human on earth... and I can't resist myself to see another discovery.