Monday, 1 August 2016

Department Of Education To Control Online College Programs With New Rules

The department of education of many countries, where the market of online learning is blooming, are applying new rules to secure millions of participants of eLearning. According to recently released rules Colleges providing online learning must have approval from the state.

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This, undoubtedly, is a significant step for the students who are banking on online mode of learning for their career upgrade. Ever since technology started suffusing with the life and every aspect of it educational system got its technical wing to become more available to the inspired learners. And the number of students enrolling in online learning is soaring high like never before.

Now, if you give a closer look at this parallel educational system which is dominating the educational market you can well understand the reason behind applying such rules. This sudden surge of online learning business is a new arrival and it's gaining its place too rapidly to ignore. Entrepreneur are thinking of investing much of their time and money on this educational business because this is profitable. And the way today's learners are motivating themselves to learn and earn hands-on experiences which will make them stand out – the market of online learning will nowhere in the future is going to lag behind. And thus some restrictions and laws are absolute necessary to regulate online college programs.

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“Why learn online or what's wrong in traditional way”? is the first question comes in mind to the people who still believe in traditional learning.

Frankly speaking, there is nothing 'wrong' with traditional learning, it is the 'incompleteness' that's making the difference. Online learning is making a buzz simply because traditional learning is not able to fulfil its purpose of passing on quality knowledge or the knowledge that is required to get a suitable job. Blending technology with education proves to be more functional than orthodox learning in many different ways, whether a student want to study a particular course he is not allowed to continue in colleges, or he is too busy in his part-time job to attend his school. Online learning offers a solution to these problems. What it offers is a highly customisable study schedule which allows the learners to continue their study whenever they want.

This need of obtaining quality education driving the learners to rely on online learning institutes. And entrepreneurs are levering this opportunity to boost their business.

The U.S. Department of Education has stated that immediate amendments are required to control online learning institutes. Legislators are thinking of initiating new rules and regulations that seek to refine errors and take care of more than 5.5 million blended learning students at degree-granting educational academies, including almost 3 million exclusively online students by elucidating the state authorization requirements for post-secondary distance education.

"These proposed regulations achieve an important balance between accountability and flexibility, and in so doing create better protections for students and taxpayers," said U.S. Under Secretary of Education Ted Mitchell. "Additionally, these regulations promote and clarify state authorization procedures, further strengthening the integrity of federal financial aid programs."

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