Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Education achieves Top Priority for Needs for Innovation in Business

Education deserves credit for all the innovation it brings into an individual’s life. The key to success lies in the hands of education. The business world plays a major role in the global economy and improving the economic scenario of the world. The business leader’s aim was to give a new dimension to education hence they are working on creating new policies that can be implemented in the academic podium.

Lately it was found out that the “GE’s annual Innovation Barometer” was targeting a change and newness in the academic surrounding. Some of the changes that they are working on are as follows:
  • Schools and colleges should support industrial culture by tying up with business organisations. This way at the earliest students will get fair ideas about business tactics and will able to implement innovative ideas when working in business firm in the future.
  • Another thing that the survey pointed out is the business sector did not have faith in the education system as its rank went down drastically over the last one year, though it was found that the US business professional’s belief in the education system had increased.
  • Tech-friendly schools that were introduced recently are supported by the business oriented organisations and companies. For example the “Academy for Software engineering” was established by the support of “Union Square Venture’s Fred Wilson”. Even different other local industries helped in creating these tech schools.
  • Schools which are sponsored by the corporate world have their own critic and they feel that students will be more mechanical in their learning and will not give any space to practical learning. They will not use their brain for critical analysis and academic learning will simply be a waste as they will not be able to implement any of it in their life.
  • It has also been said that this kind of implementation is not always a success as in the early years this kind of attempt had failed to create any kind of impact in the business firm neither did any good to the educational zone.
GE survey has made all the effort to look into the pros and cons of the relation between business and education. It has indeed taken up all the responsibility to give a new dimension and innovation to the business sector.

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