Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Education should be Customized according to Student Needs

It is evident that in the current age students are loaded with study pressure whether it is in schools or colleges. They have to devote at least 8 hours of time to studies. The educational organizations are always facing a stiff competition and this is the main reason why students are struggling with their books.

The educational faculty must look into the needs of the students and make sure that learning is convenient for them. The courses must be designed in such a manner that it must suit the needs of the students. It is really necessary to make it sure that whatever is being taught to them can be put to practical use and provide them true knowledge.

It should be noted that America is specifically known for the values, traditions and legitimate basics. The Americans believe that educating their children is their prime priority. It is education that gives the individual a true identity and makes him a learned man to have a bright future.

The 21st century education is very much depended on the global economic condition. The economic ups and downs do hamper the educational system in the country. In the 19th century there was free public education but now it is the age of technology and one has access to the internet and all other educational facilities so learning is much easier.

Schools must take steps to reform the old traditional ways of imparting education to the students, the monotonous way of learning does not help students to improve their art of learning instead reduces their energy to put their full effort in learning. The students tend to lose interest in the subjects that are being taught to them.

Schools are vulnerable to face economic troubles and that pulls down the whole academic status of the schools. Most of the public schools are susceptible to such situations and they have poor ratings in terms of learning that is why majority of the parents send their children to charter schools. These schools follow a systemic method of providing lessons to the students.

Research shows that there are around six charter schools in the country that provides the best kind of education to the students and fulfill the needs of the children. They strictly stick to the education policy to give a smooth edge to the learning system.