Thursday, 3 October 2013

Distance Learning, a Boon For Caribbean Students

If you take a look at some recently published academic reports, online learners are no less than traditional classroom learners in any sense. Students enrolled in online courses are able to learn as much as what their counterparts from traditional education set-up acquire. It is also interesting to note that online model of education is way more cost-effective than the traditional classroom teachings.

Source : bit.ly/16jNLmr
It is expected that online courses are around 55 percent less costly than initiating a degree programme at any traditional college. The outcome of traditional and online degrees is almost same. However, the academic reports mention that the productivity of online learners tend to increase from 56 percent to 133 percent. (Source: goo.gl/37Jxrl)

Virtues Of Online Learning

Though cost savings were always speculative and tend to fluctuate according to courses and the name of universities, there are some arguments suggesting that online education helps in getting hold of a degree in lesser time. The followings are a couple of facts emerged out in findings:

·         Online learners tend to achieve similar outcomes to the traditional students in lesser time. Oftentimes, they take one-quarter less than traditional students.

·         In terms of time saving, online learners can save 25 percent more than the traditional learners. As they are not compelled to attend full-time classes, they can save significant time. (Source: goo.gl/Ytf2wN)
So, if you are planning to enrol in overseas universities for gaining higher education, give a thought upon. As online courses are being made available into the comfort of your own house, it is wise and sensible to prefer it over relocating to a foreign country. By this way, students can make huge savings yet earn a qualification considered on a par with traditional degrees.

Online Learning In Caribbean

Online learning is particularly beneficial and helpful for students in developing countries. As majority of them are economically weak, online distance learning can help them obtain a valuable higher qualification, at affordable tuition fees, from universally accredited institutions.

Of late, some online UK universities have come up with different distance learning courses in Caribbean countries, known for poor educational infrastructure and limited job prospects. Students from Caribbean countries can now earn globally accredited degrees and make their presence felt in international job market.
Besides earning valuable degrees, Caribbean students can extract many other benefits from online learning mode.

Reduce Travel And Living Expenses – As one does not require travelling to classes for attending lectures, students can generate considerable savings and maintain good health.

Reduce Tutor Expense – Students do not require help of projectors and tutors for their classes, as they can study from any place of their choice. One requires a laptop with internet connection or smart-phone to get their job done.

Save Money By Saving Paper – Online learning reduce the expenses of printing materials. There is no need of reading printed notes, as students can now learn on electronic whiteboards. Moreover, electronic learning also helps keep waste-free surroundings and clean environment.

Hence, online learning is equipped with some means and time tested benefits, avail of which can make a huge impact in your career.