Saturday, 9 November 2013

Study for an HND as you Work for Progress in your Career

Photo Credit: stratfordbusinessschool.co.uk
It is a known fact that without good higher education and certification, no one will get a good job in the job market as the competition is cut-throat. In the rat race, it is very important to try and do everything in your capacity to get some sort of certification of higher studies, be it a degree or diploma. A certification saying that you have pursued your education after high school looks impressive on your CV.

In developing countries, like the Caribbean nations, people are not that financially well-off. Therefore, students start working as soon as they finish school as they have to start earning to support themselves and their families. As working and studying in a traditional college simultaneously, is not possible, most students end up giving up their dreams of receiving good education after completing high school. For such students, distance learning has opened new doors.

How has distance learning made education easy for people who want to pursue higher studies?

Through distance learning, good, accredited universities and colleges are providing eager students with a variety of education programmes and offer them Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates in a wide array of subjects. If the student does not have time to study a three year bachelor’s degree course, then he can study a Higher National Diploma or HND by distance learning.

A HND is equivalent to the first two years of a bachelor’s degree and on completion of the course, the students are bound to get better jobs than a high school graduate would get. An HND holds value in many countries and is actually held in high regard by many employers. An HND is provided in many subjects, out of which, the most common subject students opt for is business management. After completing an HND in business Management one could easily get a good job and later, they can study a top-up degree and convert the HND into a full-fledged bachelor’s degree.

An HND will give students deeper insight into the subject matter and better grasp over the subject, so that they can do well at work.