Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What’s In Store For E-learning In The Near Future?

Image Source: bit.ly/1iTk4wt

Have you ever seen that how your Facebook profile page and your Yahoo and Gmail accounts show you advertisements of what you have been searching for on the web most of the time? This is how they have tailor made their services in order to attract most of their customers. The same way, even technology is now trying to promote the field of education by making everything easier for the learners. Learners, the major chunk of customers for the universities worldwide, are the ones who should be at ease while getting the degree. Hence, online learning will become all the more mainstream and advanced in the coming days.

Personal digitised profiles

It is being predicted that all the learners in future will have their own online profiles which will mark their every single skills, credentials and will help to update their knowledge. This digitised profile will be with them all through and they will be able to carry it along with them through school, college, university as well as at their workplaces. This will help them to keep an eye on their own development and this will also led them make necessary changes on their personal profiles.

Learning with sophistication

Online study will become the most sophisticated way of getting educated. The digitised learning profiles will make for much more accurate assessments of the learners. The profiles will have a much more accurate digitalised representation of the learners and this will make assessments easier for the various employers in recruiting them. This way, the learners will not have to keep a huge file for all the certificates, results, etc and they will not even have to worry about the documents getting missing or spoil in the long run.

MOOCs will be in schools

I am just guessing this but who knows, this might be true as well. These days, a lot of schools have already incorporated the concept of BYODS (Bring Your Own Device), where the learners need to bring their own electronic gadgets in the classroom for studying. Remember the days when our teachers wouldn’t even allow us to bring a calculator? But times have now changed and it will change even further. In the coming days, the Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs might take over the schools as well. Our grandchildren might not even have to visit schools at all. Everything might happen on the web. Who knows, the brick and mortar learning institutions might not even be constructed only.

University developments

There will be several developments at the university level. Smart Science Initiative, which is a kind of collaboration between the Smart Sparrow, high school teachers and the Australian universities in order to develop interactive and rich study contents, will bring online education in the school classrooms in the coming days. Also, the University of Melbourne will launch an all new personalised learning initiative for the medical education. Likewise, there will be many other developments which will take over the learning institutions.

All these above predictions are all guesses by me. However, with the ongoing changes in the education industry, it is but obvious that the learning industry will develop more with time. But we need to wait and watch. Online mode of study has a long way to go and there is no denying of the fact that it will become much more conventional in the coming days.