Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Top Degrees For Future Education

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Education is taking a leap day by day and it seems that with time, there will be much more options for the learners to delve into. The age old Bachelor’s and Master’s in English or other subjects, or even engineering or Medical Sciences will be back dated for some and hence, there will be the rise of much more classy and technologically matched subjects which will keep the learners attracted towards them as well as offer them job as soon as they get their degrees.

So, what do you think will be these courses or degrees? We know that our children know knows much more than what we knew at their age. They are all the more technologically advanced. Hence, in the coming years, things will again change drastically. Our grandchildren will be much more superior and would learn what will be the most up to date to their age and time. So, naturally their degree courses will also be different from what we see now. Let us know find out 5 most promising future degrees which might rule in the future universities.

1. Homeland Security

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The department of the US Homeland Security was developed in the year 2002 after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 happened. After this attack, more than 300 courses in Homeland Security started appearing in the various universities in the US. Almost 75 of these institutions offer undergraduate degrees in this subject to the learners. In this course, the learners get the knowledge about the criminal justice, infrastructure, emergency and disaster planning and other similar issues in the homeland.

2. Digital Forensics and Cyber Security

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This study can save one from sexual assaults, cyber crimes, terrorists and murderers. It helps one in investigating and analyse the evidences presented at the court. When terrorist organisations make use of the internet to get in touch with their counterparts and the sexual predators might make use of the same to find out their victims, the Cyber Security specialists can help the law catch them. The average annual pay of a Computer Security Specialist is around $50,400 to $88,100.

3. Environmental Studies and Sustainability
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Almost 35 different colleges in the US are offering degrees in sustainability and environmental studies. It includes studies in health, climate, history, agriculture, biodiversity, etc. The learners in this course are taught to concentrate on keeping the environment productive and diverse. The demand for such graduates will increase with time as there will be the need of more people to make the environment free from the affect of technological advancements.

4. Game Design

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By the year 2015, the Game Designing industry is going to get higher and reach up to $82.4 billion as an industry. By gaining a degree in the same, the graduates will get jobs in game production, design, art, computer graphics, programming, etc. This will be a very interesting for all those who love gaming.

5. Nanotechnology
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By the year 2015, this industry will reach up to $2.4 trillion at an international level. By 2020, 2 million candidates will be employed in the US. A degree in Nanotechnology can help the learner get a job in physical science, biochemistry, chemistry, biological science, etc.