Monday, 7 April 2014

Smart Strategies to Monitor Online University Students

Being an online instructor, how wisely will you be able to monitor each and every student of yours? To be precise, if you have been assigned the job of handling a huge class of university students, what ways would you adopt to get your job done with ease?

Well, if you are clueless, here are a few ways that would let you know how online universities today actually prefer monitoring a huge database of students. Take a look:

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  • Social networking – Needless to say, Facebook, G+, LinkedIn and similar other social networking sites have brought massive changes in the education scenario over the years. In fact, these social networks have proved how flexible and effective is online learning in comparison to that in classrooms. Now, online university instructors can ask their students to share news, data or videos online through which it will be clear whether students are taking interest in their lessons.

    • Degree Compass System – Have you come across grade predictors? Well, online universities have become super advanced in using grade predictors. These modernised tools say as what grades can be achieved potentially by their students. What the system strongly recommends is that it determines the right course with which students need to graduate. Plenty of universities have started using the degree compass system that is gradually popularising with time.
    • Tracking library attendance – One of the best ways today’s virtual universities are following to monitor performances of students is using the library attendance tracker. According to university administrators, one’s learning activities are determined by analysing his/her class attendance, information related to assignment submission. The university will also be checking how consistently students are borrowing books and visiting libraries.
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    • Building online network – Saving students from dropping out is no doubt one of the major concerns of a university. Therefore, what today’s university administrators are doing is building virtual networks through which they are giving special guidance and advice to students. In fact, some universities also initiate networks where they involve staff, parents and even student leaders who come up with wise suggestions for all those who have fears of dropping out universities.

    Apart from these strategies, online universities have student support teams who keep receiving queries of students every now and then. Through these queries, the universities come to know about the various obstacles that are not able to make students achieve their career goals.

    So, there are a lot of strategies in reality that are designed to keep track of each and every student online. You just need to know the right one that can make your job easier. Remember, teaching students online is always fun since it’s not only the students whom you will be equipping with modern learning strategies but you too will be taking pleasure in educating others in an unconventional manner. It’s nothing but a big reality.

    Article Source: bit.ly/1j3uBGK