Saturday, 12 April 2014

Using Social Media makes you more Employable

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Do you think that once you become a graduate, you will get your dream job? Believe it or not, it’s a daunting task because it’s not only you who is having such plans for career development but there are countless individuals who are in the same queue. So, there has to be an avenue that would let you proceed faster than others participating in the race for achieving prosperous careers. In other words, you need to make yourself more and more employable with the passage of time.

Social media – a key tool to allure employers

Social media can act as a key tool. It’s no surprise that you keep posting something or the other in Facebook or Twitter regarding your personal or professional matters. In fact, you keep texting through Skype and nowadays through Whatsapp to remain connected to your friends and dear ones. So, in a way, this works wonders in letting you sustain a healthy social life. Well, the same can be done to bring your employers in notice.
University of Northampton’s head of the employability service, Lynn Finn said that it’s really important for students to make use of social media to enhance their career prospects. “It's so easy for an employer to check your social media profiles and if they can see you're following their company on Twitter and interacting with professionals, it shows them you're more likely to understand their company's values”, he said.
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Boost your profile in a smarter way

Certainly, social media in today’s world can absolutely boost your profile in a smarter way than you can ever imagine. If you ask how, here are a few instances. Suppose, you are an entrepreneur and you want to make your business global. Simply create a blog of your own, post it in a social networking site and tweet it to local business experts. This is an initiative that would let everyone in your field know as what you are up to.
One of Nottingham Trent University’s graduates in graphic design, Rachel Davies said that creating a blog is indeed a superb way of making employers know as how you are preparing prior to appearing for the interview. She was rather confident in saying that it was her blog that would help him grab her internship. 

Blogs can instead be so helpful that they can:

-         make one get accustomed to writing on a regular basis
-         lets one achieve more and more confidence before facing the interviewer
-         For someone who is into journalism can hence showcase one’s journalistic skills through his/her blog.
-         Adding one’s blog to one’s CV always helps the employer realise the potential of the candidate
In fact, the ones who can benefit the most from blogging are the online learners. In fact, the working professionals who try so hard to manage time for their work and studies can adopt the blogging strategy to remain exposed to more employment opportunities. Moreover, where experts have predicted 2014 to initiate new trends in social media, it will surely act as a more effective tool for employment.