Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Obama yet again and over Romney

Candidates need to touch upon all relevant areas that demand developmental attention while they are gearing up for election, more so if it is for Presidential election and that too for a nation like the United States of America. Well we seem to have found the clear winner who will be the epitome of power for the next four years. America has finally taken their call and chosen Mr. Barack Hussein Obama to be the most powerful man in the world. Who would have thought this man with a mixed racial background struggled his way to the top, fighting all evils be it his racial background, the absence of his father whom he considers a “myth” that eventually led to his use of marijuana and cocaine in his youth and his struggle to give up all of these and finally emerge as the most powerful man of the most powerful nation. Sure life has come a long way for him!

The must know facts that gave Obama an edge over Romney are too many to count but both touched upon all the relevant areas that demands development. The most interesting of the lot is their plans towards education. The curly haired Obama plans to strengthen public education with a promise of hiring one lakh new mathematics and science teachers in the next ten years. This man sure has his facts right, knowing that science is the key towards nation building and would help in contributing towards the nation’s economy, thus he creates such a provision.

He scored brownie points during his campaign when he further pushed the envelope by saying he will continue to support the program Race to The Top, his brainchild emerged in 2009 providing education funding to states only after they meet certain criteria.

Mitt Romney had prior exposure in politics and refers to himself as “severely conservative”. His promises towards education are providing more incentives to the states that wish to improve their education.

The add-ons he vouched for are supporting the alternatives to public education and catering greater freedom to parents when they choose a school for their child based on the performance of the school. Romney’s educational plans were not specific but he broadly spoke about working towards both the private as well as the public sector to increase the academic performance of the students.

It seems that the people of America have chosen their path of education by electing the candidate who best suits their pattern of education. After all education is the key towards a better future and they have not just sealed their desired route for education but also their desired President.