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Education acts as the Instrumental Force behind Children’s Health and Nutrition

Parents’ income and education is indirectly proportional to children’s health. A study published in the March issue of journal Public Health Nutrition reveals that parenting behaviour is highly influenced by educational background. In this context, education influences behaviours and beliefs, which bring direct impact on nurturing and bringing up a child.

A Look at a Research Report of Recent Times

A wide research was conducted in eight European countries for 15,000 children aged between 2 and 9 to realise the connection between children’s nutrition and parents’ education level. The survey further detailed that those children of parents subjected to very low or medium levels of education depended on low quality and quantity of diet. They are of the tendency to feed their children with more sweet drinks and processed foods.

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On the contrary, parents with high level of education are more likely to give their children foods that contain high nutritional value like pasta, rice, vegetables, fruits and also whole-grain bread. The research was conducted in countries like Cyprus, Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Sweden and others.

What Experts have to say to this Report?

Juan Miguel Fernandez Alvira, belonging from the University of Zaragoza in Spain had a serious take on that. According to him, families with varied level of education brought varying influence on consumption of foods like vegetables, fruits and sweet drinks. While he explained his research on impact of education on food consumption in a Plataforma SINC news release, his speech worked as an eye-opener to millions of people from across the globe how education is significant in influencing eating habits.

The report nipped the fact that lower education kept parents at backstage and children from such families are more likely to fall prey to obesity or malnutrition. Children of such families either suffer from overweight or malnutrition leading to health problems. Parents are hardly aware of the severity of such situations due to lack of knowledge and so they let their children grow on high-fat and low-nutrient foods.

So, what initiatives can parents really take to monitor children’s diet for healthy results? The answer to that would be accessing further education on nutrition.

Online, the Best Source for Further Education

The internet is the best chosen medium by millions of parents at middle age to access more knowledge on nutrition so as to tackle children and education, simultaneously. These are online institutions accredited by State University so as to cater career-enhancing tips, literature and advice. The idea is to progress one’s professional and personal goals with proper achievement on health and education. The best part is online study offers a spree of advantages like great value for money and abounding flexibility.  You can get information on such Health and Social Care course here. The greatest advantage of these courses is that parents can study at their own pace, look after their children and enhance knowledge on nutrition.  After qualifying they can even be a professional Nutrition consultant as well.

Thus, education for parents enhances their knowledge to help children with proper and adequate nutritional diet for a better and brighter future.

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