Monday, 29 April 2013

What could be Better- Joining Job or Going to Grad School?

As cliché as it may sound, you have to choose what’s best for you. Being at the most significant crossroad where you have to decide whether you choose a grad school or join a job, it can get difficult to make a decision. Not that you want to pursue higher degree for defining a promising career but getting into job at the earliest is attempting possibility of earning money. After all, anybody will like to gain freedom on financial abilities rather than investing another two to three years into studies. But a closer observation would emphasise on the fact that gaining further skills and expertise in a specialised subject at graduation level can only bring more promises to your career.

Graduate School Blues
Graduate School Blues (Photo credit: ChiILLeica)
So, if you are in dilemma and cannot comprehend what to do, here is a look at the following.

Determine the following Factors

·         Do research

Take a foray into weighing pros and cons of different jobs and also prospective of graduate programmes. Get into contact with students who are struggling to get into grad school without any former knowledge or adequate preparation and if this policy is helping them the least. Ask yourself whether an advanced degree is at all necessary in your career path. While careers in medicine, academia and law might persuade you to earn advanced degrees, which can only be achieved through grad school; not all careers demand advanced courses. In that case obtaining masters will only jeopardise your career and put it into debt. Following an extensive research can only bring viable ideas so that you realise whether to seek higher degrees for the career you have on mind, or getting into jobs immediately after undergraduate degree.

·         Weighing all Options

Reaching to a decisive point is not easy. Do a lot of introspection to realise what’s best for you. Ask yourself a few questions like are you defaulting to a grad school just because you are left out of option? After all, the decision should be taken after much consideration, since some grad programmes can consume a maximum of 6 years.

Think pragmatically or idealistically as the situation demands. Consider the entire situation and take a practical approach towards it. This will eventually help in reaching to a decision that will shape your career. Remember, a wrong choice will spill blunder on money that you had spent or time wasted in taking a decision. Do not forget to draw a viable budget when taking up advanced programmes in grad school. A costly programme might be a heavy pinch to your pocket, instead pursuing a job is all that takes to accumulate some savings for investing in grad school later in life. Unless, your career demands or you are fully ready financially or practically you should not consider joining a grad school.

·         Is it now or later?
2009 Graduate School Commencement 003
Graduate School Commencement
(Photo credit: pennstatenews)

Just because you let go off the thought of enrolling in a grad school today, does not mean that you cannot join it later. This is a very advanced concept where many recent grad schools are offering courses for students at later age or who are already into professions. Nevertheless, delaying joining in grad schools so as to make more informed decision is absolutely a great idea.

A decision made after extensive research and thoughts is sure to earn fruitful results rather than a decision made in haste.