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Gamifying Learning is the new way to Attract Students

There have already been many discussions about how to improve the educational system and make the students more inclined towards their books but nothing seems to have helped much. However, some of the HR and training institutions have introduced gamification as a new tool to interact and teach people. They are of the view that it is a great way to engage people and make them know about different things in a fun way. The educators shouldn’t, however, be the last one to include this in their day to day teaching. This way, both the teachers and the parents will be able to prepare the educational syllabus of their respective students and children so that they feel excited about carrying on with their courses.

Gamification in the Previous Years

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The educational program of Fizz and Martina’s Math Adventures was loved by the students about 10 years ago. It became immensely popular amongst the school students who were found to be absolutely engaged in solving their problems which were posed to them during the show and at times they even wanted to continue with the same during recess period.

Students were seen to be working as a group and also through constant interactions with each other. This is indeed a great way to learn things without feeling weary of the subject. The students were even asked by their teachers to reason out how they solved their respective problems and the students absolutely loved it.

Gamify the Classrooms and Reward the Students

Recently, a lot has been brewing up about the gamification of education. It is nothing but presenting the contents in a game-like situation in order to attract the learners and motivate them to do something innovative with the given topic. However, this should not just be a fashion in the arena of education and the educators should think positively about slipping in the same in their education system as early as possible.

How popular game Angry Birds can make students do the Math with more Interest
Let me give you an example showing how gamification of education might help the children to learn better. For example, if the teachers are constantly forcing the students to do well in mathematics because in future it will help them to be an engineer and design different equipments, including bikes and cars, then why not demonstrate them the importance of the subject by showing them a video of car or bike making and designing so that they can learn it in a better way? This way not only the students will be thoroughly engaged to the video but they will also be able to learn about the intricacies of the given subject, and in turn will be able to fetch good marks for the same as well.

So, why not take a bit of risk and give a wake-up call to our education system? Why not try and do something new by which we will be able to improve the overall results of the students? Gamification of education needs to be done by one and all and therefore by the help of it, a student will be able to learn a thing in much better and improved manner
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