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Apple store (iOS) or Google Play, who’s got better education apps?

There is a very interesting fact which recently came up regarding the Apple Store and Google Play. The fight between the two was on since beginning and however, it is true that the Apple Store have experienced larger sales than that of Google Play, still the latter is seen to be growing much more rapidly than the former one. The growth is so swift that we can now expect to see Google Play overhaul the Apple Store in the near future.

According to a study by the App Annie, an app analytics firm, it is quite evident that the Apple Store in no doubt experiencing four times greater revenues than that of Google Play but still the apps in Apple Store isn’t growing at an interesting rate. In fact, the Google Play store has an annual growth of 311% as compared to iOS, whose growth was just 12.9% in the year of 2012.

Educational Apps in Google Play and Apple Store

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The apps in Apple Store and Google Play are many and among them, the educational ones have attracted a lot of users around the globe. For example, the Kid Science Frog Dissection in the Apple Store now allows seeing how the body of a frog works with the help of videos and audio messages. It is an absolutely no smell and no mess procedure and also if you want to do the dissection yourself live, you can follow the step-by-step instructions given in the app and then carry on with the same.

Math Bingo is another app on the Apple Store which aids the little ones to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and much more about mathematics in an easy and fun way. Here, the users can choose from three different levels, i.e. hard, medium and easy and likewise can carry on with the same.

If you hated Physics in schools and if you believed that it is the toughest subject in your curriculum, then you should try out the Monster Physics on your iPhone. Help your kids to learn physics in a fun way with this app. It is now easy to make cranes, design cars and rocket ships and operate them with the help of this app.

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Google Play recently launched its Google Play for Education where they have made it easier for the educators to teach their students and the learners to get used to their subjects in a better way. It has apps for kids as well as for adults. For e.g. the Monkey Preschool Lunchbox is loved by the kids all around the globe. It consists of 5 different educational games for the preschoolers and it teaches them about colour, counting, letters, matching and differences.

The VCE Mobile is an equally important educational app for the grownups. It prepares the users for IT Certification while on the go. Here, one can take the tests from the .vce files. With the multiple choice questions, it helps the users to revise their lessons to a great extent.

If it becomes tough for your son or daughter to solve the algebra at his/her school, buy them the Math Algebra Solving Calculator from the Google Play. Now, it will solve all the algebra problems and the results are so accurate that the teachers will not make a fuss in accepting them. It can solve each and every kind of algebra problems.

Mobile Learning: The 21st Century Learning

The revolutionary invention is here. The much awaited Mobile learning is being introduced in various schools and colleges across the globe. It has actually simplified the whole process of learning and teaching. Now, with the help of various mobile apps, students have started grasping their lessons much more swiftly.

The iPod touch is assumingly the most exclusive mobile learning device which comes with an in-built Wi-Fi and thus the user can go through the various eBooks and applications to support his/her subjects.

Mobile Learning has actually made things easier in education. Not only one can use it in the classrooms, but now, with the help of various online courses, one can make use of mobile learning from home as well. Even the topmost universities are offering their courses in distance mode these days and now the learners can simply get their degree at the comfort of their home.

Hence, with the help of mobile learning, even the online courses are taking a big leap towards globalisation. One now needs to have just a mobile device and earning a college or university degree will not be a problem for him anymore.
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