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Pros and Cons of Google Play for Education

Google Play for Education will be launched in the fall of 2013 and aims at simplifying the content searches for students. It allows the users to search content by its group, grade level and many other criterions. Here, users can also recommend contents to other educators and can see their recommendations as well. The contents are already approved by the educators and therefore are ready to be used in the classrooms. Until now, iPad was dominating this arena but with the advent of this app, let us see how it can subjugate Apple in the long run.

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With so much of advancement in the field of education, online learning has also taken a concrete position in the education system recently. There has been the dawn of a large number of courses which one can earn through his/her laptop/desktop/iPad, being at home. Gone are the days when education was all about visiting schools and colleges at a regular basis. Nowadays, with the advent of e-learning, things have become a lot easier.

There are now a number of reputed online institutions who tend to educate the various learners all around the globe and give them the most exclusive of information regarding their subjects. One such Globally reputed online course provider can be found here.

Let us now see a few merits and demerits of Google Play for Education:


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Easy content Sharing: One of the foremost aims of this app is to make the content sharing easy among the students and educators. The sharing is also very simple. The educator only needs to ‘push’ the content to a group whom he/she wants to teach.

Introduction of Android to the Classrooms: It is an innovative technology which brings about the fast and easy android system in the classroom. Now, the teachers can effortlessly set up and arrange a large number of devices in just a few minutes.

Cost Effective: Google apps are generally cheaper than the iPad apps. Therefore, many educational institutions are already using them.


Cost of the Device: Google apps will be of no use if there is no device to play them. All the students, if, are expected to have Google Play for Education installed in their devices, they should have the mobile phones with them which means that they will have to buy such phone which will support android apps. This is a costly issue indeed.

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Battery Life of the Device: Suppose the teacher is explaining an important topic to the class and suddenly a few of the learners get the “low battery” alarm in their devices. At that point of time, what will be their job? To charge the device or to listen to their teacher? This is actually a distraction while learning.

Not all Learners will be benefited: An android mobile phone and the Google app installed in it can only be available in the technologically advanced schools and colleges. Therefore, as not all the educational institutions are that sophisticated, Google Play for Education will not be able to serve all the learners as a whole.
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