Friday, 29 November 2013

Plan Your MBA To Get Highlighted By Global Employers

If you wish to be successful in the world of business, or perform well in your corporate job, or want to make today’s cutting-edge business environment your niche, a specialised learning on business management is what you need. And, no better than an MBA can any course prepares you for such excellent level of performance that today’s corporate environment expects.

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But, if you are already involved in job or managing your business, or do not have so much financial back up for you MBA degree study you might feel disappointed. No more you need to carry your sense of helplessness, because through accredited distance learning you can pursue your dream.

Online Distance MBAs

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Now, you can avail many beneficial parameters of distance MBA programmes offered by the world’s top universities. They deliver the course content through online classes to the students worldwide. Enrolling your name to their programmes you can be a part of their virtual learning environments (VLEs), and only with an internet connection and a device like a PC, tablet, or even Smartphone you can always stay connected to your online MBA curriculum. There may also be a blended course in which part of your learning gets executed through virtual classrooms, and the rest is completed on-campus.

Similar in Curriculum

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Anyway, online Master of Business Administration is similar to traditional, campus-based MBA programmes, as per curriculum. In the first year of either MBA programme students are made familiar with general business topics, sometimes referred to as core curriculum. During this phase of learning you will learn the basics of business studies like finance, economics, accounting, management and organisational behaviour.

In the second year, you will be introduced to a specific major. There are also some business schools that even allow students to merge their graduate level business studies with other professional areas like pharmacy, law, engineering etc.

Career Opportunities

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Completing your online MBA from a recognised and reputed university with full official accreditation on the course, you stand eligible to compete for the jobs beside the graduates from on-campus MBA programmes. The accreditation and recognition of your degree will not have you discriminated in any respect. Your online qualification can earn you the positions such as manager in accounting, bank managers, consulting managers, marketing and operational manager, and many more. As an MBA degree holder the prospective sectors of your recruitment are

  • Healthcare concerns
  • Governmental organisations
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Engineering firms etc.

Compensation for online MBA graduates is equally fantastic as the on-campus ones. According to PayScale.com, annual salary for an MBA graduate can vary from 443,936 to more than $213,000. Salary range varies a lot with job roles and geographic location. As per your job role, you can expect:

  • $59,487 - $98,702 as a senior financial analyst
  • $61,070 - $125,692 as an information technology project manager
  • $77,143 - $213,970 as a chief financial officer
  • $44,642 - $88,249 as financial analyst; and
  • $52,811 - $153,090 as a marketing director.

Your salary scale can also vary as per the location of your job. In a country you can get a good scale, but in another it can be better. However, your online MBA programme gives you the potential eligibility to grab the best job in the market. It prepares you with all the benefits that enhance your transferable skills, without disturbing your life’s commitments.