Wednesday, 20 November 2013

E-learning Is Most Popular Among The Working Professionals

We all know that the people who look out for online courses are the ones who are majorly working professionals. It becomes tough for them to juggle between work and studies if they get into a regular college or university, and hence, the best alternative they can have is an online course. One of the basic reasons of the professionals to go for an online degree is the fact that such degrees offer them with better career opportunities. The online degree courses are available online and hence the study materials are absolutely updated. Also, earning a degree way back in time might not hold any good in the current market scenario. So, an additional degree can lend the professionals with much more knowledge and skills about their respective fields.

  • Growing Demand Of Online Learning   

A global leader in the online language-learning solutions for the organisations, individuals and also for educational institutions, Rosetta Stone, said that she has seen a lot of demand of online education among the professionals. She also said that in the Middle East, the e-learning revenues have been proposed to reach almost around $560 million in the year 2016. The revenues are now $378 million and it grows annually at a rate of 8% and such a huge uplift of the numbers surely means that e-learning is going to rule in the coming years.

  • Technology Shift In Education

Technology has played a great role in re-defining world’s education system. At a point of time, getting a degree from the UK for a learner from USA would mean that he/she has to pack up bags and move to UK. But now, no matter whether the learner is, he/she can get the degree from UK, that too from his/her desired university, with just a few clicks on the web. Now was it even possible a few years back? Yes! Distance learning was there and people used to earn degrees by applying for correspondence courses from the universities, but it wasn’t fully distance course as they often had to visit the colleges or universities probably to give exams and submit assignments and projects. Only technology provided the learners a way to take up a degree course of their choice at their own feasibility!

  • E-learning Is Popular For The Professionals

When we talk about an online learner, the first thing which comes to our mind is that the learner must be a working professional. Previously, the online learners with a job had to go for an online course as they didn’t have any other option. But now, they take up an online degree by choice. The fact that the online courses offer so much of flexibility in their study shifts and also helps them acquire the best of knowledge about their fields is why they love to apply for an online course. There are a lot of benefits of online learning and one of them is that they are affordable for the learners. They make one thing clear that education should not be a way to swipe out money from the learners but it should be a way to make them equipped with knowledge so that they can earn the money which they dream of in the coming days!