Thursday, 26 December 2013

Online Education Extends Reach To Develop Countries!

Abolish poverty may have been their main target, but achieving education has always been a primary concern for the developing countries. Constant societal and political turbulence, however, have been impeding and postponing progress for a long time. Thousands of people from these countries are choosing online courses to get rid of these years-old curses that have been keeping them away from a prosperous life.

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Development is more about improvements…

Building a nation involves a range of tasks. It was never only about boosting accounts. Healthy children, educated and aware citizen, efficient workforce – all these are important factors that a nation needs to focus on as it walks toward a better future. The aids that have been offered to these countries, therefore, are always more about helping them to bring about significant changes in health and education and also train the future generation so that they help the country make progress forming a competent workforce. The world famous learning institutions are taking important steps in donating education and helping talents from every corner to help them find a shining tomorrow. For instance:

• Supported by the nonprofit Generation Rwanda, Kepler University, has launched a special programme for students in Rwanda. They are offering a bachelor’s degree programme based on MOOC’s study material. Completion of this course will bring them an accredited degree by a U.S University. 

• In India Jaaga, a business developer and centre for arts is starting a one-year programme to help the Indian tech-market get an efficient workforce. Their training programme is bascically aiming at generating expert computer programmers. 

•  This one particularly is an individual attempt by a professor of electrical engineering at the University of El Salvador named Carlos Martinez. He registered around fifty students to take the edX version of MIT’s class on circuits and electronics in the fall of 2012. 

The philanthropic and non-profit movements taking place in Africa, Indonesia and Southeast Asia, China, as well as in South America are of great significance in this connection. It’s an era of democratic education where opportunities are being offered to everyone. Online education makes learning available for all. It is because…

• Online learning has discovered the most convenient ways for the new age learners to achieve knowledge. Now, you can pursue courses under the world class universities and that too sitting at home. It’s an option that comes exclusively with distance learning and was something beyond imagination in a foursquare structure. 

• It’s an initiative to help education reach further intellectual dimensions beyond a small classroom. It’s connecting you with world famous institutions and also with the famous experts of your industry so that your career benefits maximum from your investment. Apart from achieving degrees today you gain advices, tips and important information through your classes online. 

• Attaining degrees no more demands sacrifices. With studies online now you can easily keep your professional and personal commitments. It’s great news for working professionals who had to bid farewell to academic life after joining a work. Moreover, people who couldn’t afford to pursue education for lack of recourses now have best institutions at their disposal. 

With affordable courses online, now higher education or attaining skills to improve performance are no more financial burden. And the institutions today are designing courses specially to fit the pocket and lifestyle of the people from developing region. Moreover, the attempts taken to make study materials free for all the e-learners is a landmark initiative that reassures a commoner’s right to education. 

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