Friday, 13 December 2013

Teachers Following Education Through Popular Online Tools

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Distance education, practically, arrived to remove the geographical differences in between learner and institution witnessed a billowing surge in popularity as internet services added new dimension to the existing form. And now, the participation of the learners in the new age education system turns euphoric as social networking sites join the force to enhance the experience.Social media has the potential to facilitate communication, sharing, and collaboration; and therefore, amplify the endeavors to educate. So, the educators and employers find it useful for providing information, knowledge enhancement and execution of devised strategies to manage a larger workforce in a global arena. 

Education professionals think it’s effective    
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The rising popularity of social networking sites and universal interest in student-centered trainings have successfully attracted the attention toward applying popular online tools to enrich distance education. Today, it’s a hi-tech component of virtual classroom that contributing remarkably to higher education. According to a study regarding social media adoption conducted in 2011-12 by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth found that using social media was a common trend among for the four-year accredited institutions and all the colleges and universities were using it in the U.S. The study even confirmed that a lot of higher-education specialists using social networking sites for marketing and communication. More and more educators are intending to adopt it in the training and learning process.

Twitter tops the list of best destinations gaining huge attention   
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Twitter is definitely one of the important names that are gaining huge popularity among the academic professionals to make education even more exciting. The reason behind this popular tool getting attention from teachers could be varied like its simple interface, brief and quickly grabbing messages, trendy and easy to use platform for students and learners across the world. Moreover, it’s a common space for like-minded people who are able to meet, talk and discuss with each other in a very compact and straight-forward way. More precisely,

  • The smartest way of informal learning is celebrating the freedom to teach and learn briefly in 120 characters through Twitter.
  • A collaborative classroom is enhancing expertise of the employees around the world by updating the latest information regarding the technology and industry.
  • It’s not anymore about teachers delivering lectures alone, learning through Twitter is about active participation of the students and educationalists in a discussion panel engaging reaction across the world.
  • It’s more about developing a professional learning community where almost everybody can successfully contribute to the enlightenment.
  • And most important this new way of receiving and providing knowledge is opening fresh avenues for developing countries to seize the educational opportunities the global industry is offering right now. Like educators in the Caribbean region, who have been trying hard to grapple with the new age learning system are engaging social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube for delivering more effective instructions to their students.
  • Through making it available and accessible for everybody Twitter is promoting independent and critical thinking all over the world.

Educators, worldwide, are trying to bring the power of Twitter’s live communication into a learning space to make education more interactive and engaging. In addition to that, Twitter is even helping teachers to a great extent to enhance their mentoring skills and understand their pupils better. In fact, collaborating, sharing and discussing education through Twitter have made teaching profession sensational more than ever. 

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