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Cloud Computing shows Students an Effective Way to Study Online

Can ‘Education’ and ‘Cloud Computing’ go hand in hand? Does it not sound a bit ambiguous? To be honest, it isn't  Cloud computing refers to the practice of utilising a network of remote servers that is hosted on the Internet which helps you to preserve, supervise and even process data. In reality, cloud computing in reality is associated with the industrial sector where the use of computers is considered mandatory.

However, it’s true that computers have stepped in almost every field, and education indubitably is one among them. Whether you talk about handling minor jobs or pursuing higher education, it’s indeed difficult to proceed without depending on this electronic digital device.
English: Diagram showing overview of cloud com...
English: Diagram showing overview of cloud computing including Google, Salesforce, Amazon, Axios Systems, Microsoft, Yahoo & Zoho (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cloud Computing – a successful strategy for online learners

With the grand arrival of computers, the concept of cloud computing has witnessed worldwide popularity. Talking about education, millions of students have grabbed the opportunity to collaborate with one another establishing teamwork and completing assignments with pleasure and perfection. Surveys moreover say that cloud based education has resulted in saving quality time and promoting healthy understanding among students. This is one of the reasons why the percentage of successful online learners is rising year after year.

Online learning creates huge impact in US

In the United States, online learning has become increasingly accessible. In fact, the affordability factor in regard to education has been highly recognised on all levels owing to cloud computing.
The impact has rather been so strong according to the National Center for Education Statistics that two out of three colleges today offer credit courses online where more than twelve million students attend as distance learners. These courses undergo constant scrutiny for not only the in-person experience factor but the ways they allow interpersonal communication among students and teachers.
English: Cloud Computing Image
English: Cloud Computing Image
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cloud-based Education for new age learners and educators

Cloud computing has brought fruitful results to the field of education. In fact, it has attained global popularity for its practical usage. Today, several educational institutions on the basis of this advanced technology make use of the internet resources to preserve and analyse data. In fact, it’s not students who are extracting all the fruits but the teachers too are making extensive use of the cloud-based technologies to access teaching tools for free.

How Cloud-Computing benefit online learners and academic institutions?
  • Online learners are not only able to access but make use of several learning tools free of cost.
  • Students get the opportunity to get exposed to a wide sphere owing to the interconnection facility.
  • The students will adopt such a learning technique where there will be a mentor available in every process. Hence, they will have the scope to learn with more efficiency.
  • Schools, colleges and universities can access real information from anywhere across the world in seconds. This will help a lot of students and teachers to get updated with time.
So, if you are running a school or planning to do higher studies online, you must take help of this outstanding technology since it’s not only going to be effective for all involved in the world of education but also act as a safer initiative for its environmental friendly nature.

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