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Jobs are only going to be for Graduates in the United Kingdom

The demand of hiring graduates will now be on the rise in the United Kingdom since the employment survey has reported that the number of jobs requiring a graduate has outscored the total number of posts with no degree requirements. In fact, graduates now are eligible to qualify over a quarter of jobs in the UK since studies have revealed a major shift in the employment market towards hiring knowledgeable and skilled workers only. This has resulted in the disappearance of positions having no requirements for graduates.

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Jobs for graduates to go high

The research was conducted at the Institute of Education surveying a total of three thousand adults associated with the employment market. Moreover, the data collected recently from the Skills and Employment Survey showed that the current employment landscape has received high figures for graduate jobs while those for the unskilled jobs were recorded low.

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills, and Economic and Social Research Council jointly sponsored the study and came up with recent evidences in regard to the hardships faced by poor and unqualified young people making way to the employment market. Moreover, this strengthened the evidence towards the debate on whether the economy wants more or a handful of graduates.

Economic growth to strengthen

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on the other hand argued that the more the number of skilled workers and graduates increase with time, the stronger is the economic growth. Rather, those who will not be having degrees or skills will find it quite difficult to qualify for prestigious jobs. Moreover, a US research group named Pew showed a major report stating that graduates were quite successful in overcoming the era of recession by avoiding job losses and safeguarding their income.

The study conducted recently in the Institute of Education in UK showed that 74% of the degree holders have qualified for jobs, whereas it was recorded 69% in the year 2006. In this respect, Professor Francis Green of the Institute of Education emphasised on the utilisation of graduates in the workforce.

Neil Carberry, the CBI's director of education and skills has expressed enthusiasm towards saying that it all depends on UK’s competitive ability which will let a huge number of young individuals take effective routes to acquire key skills. With time, economical changes will keep taking place and this will result in the expansion of alternative routes to achieving higher skills.

UK universities to receive a record number of undergraduates

Consequently, the demand for studying graduation courses under the UK universities has reached heights. Undergraduates who have been working for quite some time are now enrolling in online courses under accredited UK universities not only to successfully complete graduation but to enhance their professional standards. In fact, the universities here have started making positive predictions to allure a record number of undergraduates who will be enrolling in courses like:
  • Marketing
  • Finance and Law
  • Computing and Media Design
  • Health and Psychology
  • Tourism and Hospitality
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