Monday, 3 December 2012

Are High School students College Ready?

The new statistics of the Department of Education claimed that only 29% of high school students are eligible for college studies. Last year only 28% students were qualified, this implies that there has been no improvement at all.

The grades achieved by the students exposes the real scenario of the city schools, educational experts declares that only a group of children in the school are guided well to produce good results whereas the rest of them are overlooked. This tremendously affects their final year high school result.

In fact it has been estimated that in more than 500 high schools less than the average number of students were prepared for graduation level studies. And it is indeed surprising that in total of 25 schools only 70% students were fit to study in the college.

To come out of this problem schools must make sure that the students are well prepared to take the SAT exam and perform well in it. Strict regulation must be introduced to take test of the students to see whether they really deserve to fit into a good institution.

Now, it has become necessary for the school administration to look into the performance of the students in their institutions so that all of them pass with flying colors and make their way in good colleges. There is tough competition among all students these days so there is a dire need for quality education at school level.

It was also predicted that almost one third of the students in school are still not proficient in English. This is one major problem that hampers a student’s studies as most of the subjects are taught in this language. So school as well as family of the kids must take care and see that they are able to learn the important language.

The education department should take the initiative to figure out the problem that the average students are facing and there will be gradual upgrading in the education system. In fact in the year 2012 there has been quite an improvement. Thus students have become aware of the fact that only good grades in school will get them enrolled in good colleges.