Saturday, 8 December 2012

Teachers to Clear an Exam to become Eligible to Teach!

Why should only student’s clear exam to be promoted to the next class and why not teachers take an exam to be regarded as qualified to hold the post of a teacher in a school or college? Well with time transformation is taking place that is changing the academic scenario gradually.

Recently the President of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten came up with one of the best Education Reform Policy that has made it mandatory for teachers to crack the exam that judge whether they are fit to hold the designation of a facilitator.

This proposal was long due and finally a step has been taken to give a fresh outlook to the global academic setting. We have often seen teachers who are not familiar with a particular subject have been assigned that subject to teach the children in the school. It is one of the worst ways of imparting knowledge to the learners as they fail to give the right kind of information to the pupils.

It was found that 34% of maths teachers, 25% of English teachers and 25% of science teachers were not fit to teach those particular subjects as they did not hold any proper qualification. More worse was that there were quite a number of under qualified teachers who were teaching in schools that were concentrated under the marginal student bodies.

The 2008 report “Core Problems” claimed that there were many out-of-field instructors who were in charge of the prime academic programs. The students who were subjected to this kind of injustice and partiality were generally from the low income families and those pupils who were of colour. It is very clear that people who belonged to the minority group were discriminated.

It is also true that teachers who have earned innumerable degrees have got to do nothing with their teaching skill in school. To an extent the way a teacher teaches the pupils also depends on their individual inherited teaching skill. But the ‘new found’ reformation is a big achievement for the educational field.