Wednesday, 19 December 2012

What are these Online Learning Platforms?

Online education has its share of naysayers and all those people who are an ardent supporter of how good online education is considering all the benefits it offers. Naysayers opine that there is a high chance that the university is fake and the degrees offered by them are not worth it and the candidate will end up wasting money. In this age of internet, it is very easy to create a fake website with appealing pictures and information to attract the candidates to get enrolled and invest money. Infact there have been reports, where it was found after investigation that the so called university never existed in the first place and it was a cyber scam to which many people became victims.

But then that is so with everything that is done online. It may happen that we log into a site, purchase something and pay the money online but the product is never delivered. Inspite of repeated calls and follow ups we still lose our money.

Same way we cannot completely accept and believe what the naysayers are saying. What we need to do, is do a thorough research on the university, call upon the number provided and talk to university officials and in case we come across anyone who has passed out from that university we can have a talk with them and clarify our doubts. We have to gather information on two vital points i.e. whether the university is properly accredited and whether the degree offered by them are globally known and acknowledged.
Image courtesy : indalytics

The main aim of online learning is to train the candidates and develop their skills and expertise from entry level jobs to high end jobs so that the candidates can apply their skills wherever they join. In online learning the classes are imparted through audio video clips which in turn make the candidates tech savvy. Different universities use different softwares. Some use softwares like iNoodle, some use Blackboard Learner and many more.

Currently Wellesley College has become the first arts college to join edX, the online learning software developed by Harvard and MIT. Wellesley has joined edX with the intention of using all means available in order to make undergraduate courses interesting and fun.

Wellesley College wants to provide its students the benefits of both traditional courses and online courses at the same time and hence they opted for this edX model because it provides both the experience. Using such a powerful platform Wellesley wants to provide the candidates with the experience of blended learning so that they don’t miss out on the best of education that can be achieved.