Thursday, 13 December 2012

Medical Science to take Advantage of E-learning

Healthcare is a very important issue all over the world and everyone everywhere needs to be aware of it. In underdeveloped or lesser developed countries and cities people need to study about health care and medicine so that they can make sure that treatment of diseases is proper and detected at the right time.

As health issues are becoming serious we must learn how to tackle diseases. Awareness about different sorts of diseases is very important in order to control them. For doctors and nurses working in rural areas a constant upgradation on the subject is required. Therefore the Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences in Jamshoro has made a decision to start an online programme called “e-Family Health Care Certificate Course” for the doctors and medical staff of hospitals in Sindh.

Courtesy: kcumb.edu
Why e-Learning?

Some less fortunate and underdeveloped districts and towns in some countries do not have good colleges to provide proper medical education. The faculty of medicine is weak or too expensive for doctors who want to upgrade themselves. Distance learning is fabricated to use electronic communication to spread knowledge across the world especially to those who cannot afford to go to formal colleges to receive proper education.

Education in distance learning programmes is not restricted to any one place. You can live anywhere in the world and study at prestigious universities across the globe. Distance education is cheaper than formal college and therefore more affordable. Now people living in rural areas can have access to universities without crossing borders.

As medical science is a very important subject, it is now important for doctors to keep up with the newest inventions and methods of treatment. Distance learning has flexible timings and therefore suit doctors the best as they can schedule their classes whenever they are free.

Mashhoor Alam Shah, the Vice Chancellor Professor, said in a meeting that this programme is aimed to improve the health care system in various parts, especially rural areas of Sindh. These programmes are meant to train and teach doctors to better the quality of health care in underdeveloped parts of the country. Distance learning medical courses are cost efficient and designed keeping in mind the busy schedules of doctors.

The Vice Chancellor Professor also added that the system of online education is better than formal college as the format of teaching is appropriate for teachers and students alike, the student-teacher interaction level is high and teachers also get to communicate with students better and on provide them with solutions on time.