Thursday, 21 March 2013

2013 to Witness some Amazing Learning Trends

Good news for new age learners is that digital learning is highly predicted to go mobile by 2013. In fact, experts have said that the global expenditure on E-learning is expected to go up to US$107 billion by the year 2015. Almost 2.4 million people in South Africa have been found today to access the internet through their cell phones. Out of them, the percentage of students and career professionals is no doubt huge. Therefore, it’s crystal clear that changes are going to be too strong in the educational patterns worldwide.
Learning by Doing
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So, if you are keen to adopt a new learning process in this new year, here are 5 refined and innovative learning trends to watch out in 2013. Have a look:
  • Video – Experts say that video can be the most effective learning tool to watch out this year. Plenty of schools, colleges and universities at various corners of the globe will make use of videos to impart lessons to students and even working professionals. With the help of video optimization sites, one will be able to share information with one another, and this will surely emerge to be an effective learning trend.

  • Mobile – A lot of working professionals have come up with positive opinions about using mobile tools like laptops and tablets for accessing resources. Although some might take time to get accustomed to such advanced mobile tools for learning, it will not be long when these tools will be solely considered in the majority of academic institutions all over the world.

  • Social learning – Making extensive use of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook has already shown amazing records of fetching success to the global educational arena. 2013 will bring stronger effects that will stimulate both learning and team work in both schools and universities. In fact, this has been predicted to be the most exciting and successful learning trend this year.
    IBooks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • E-Text – The initiative to introduce E-Text has already been executed at various corners. However, there are many academic institutions that are still in the adoption phase. Well, the introduction of iBooks, and Google Books will surely have greater impact in the classrooms.

  • Gamification – In reality, games are regarded to be the most powerful tools that let students learn faster. Although many academicians have earlier considered games as time wasters, opinions have taken a drastic turn today. In fact, it’s gamification that might bring positive changes in the thinking abilities of students and even career professionals.
So, with the initiation of these learning trends, the online or distance learners are largely going to benefit. That’s a promise!!
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