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IT Careers looking Bright for 2013 and Beyond

Do you think that higher studies without receiving technical education can lend you a valuable future? Truly speaking, it’s pretty difficult to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in this context. However, experts have predicted that 2013 will be the year for IT professionals since the employment market has high chances to offer 10% more jobs in comparison to what usually remains throughout the year.
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Information to Intelligent Technology

As per sources, Microsoft has come up with a smarter viewpoint in regard to the future of information technology. In general, information technology includes development, maintenance and utilisation of computer systems, networks and software to process and distribute data. Microsoft simply intends to bring changes in this traditional concept. In one of their blogs, they have laid emphasis on the transition from informative to intelligent technology. In other words:
  • Computers will no longer be taken as an input tool playing a passive role in our everyday lives.

  • It’s not only humans who will learn from computers but the reverse will take place in a meaningful process.

  • Gadgets like smartphones, tablets etc will learn everything from you just like you learn from them.
3 Effective ways adopted by Microsoft to give rise to Intelligent Technology
  1. Introduction of Big Data – Owing to the huge explosion of information through sensors, machines and people, alongside the extensive accessibility of cloud services will bring in turn a wide range of new and powerful tools. These tools will help transform data into insight.

  2. Systems that learn – The computers of the 21st century will be designed to not only operate according to the user’s instructions but they will learn at the same time from their users.

  3. Natural User Interfaces made more human – A trend is about to step in where one will make use of speeches and gestures to interact with computing systems.
By exhibiting these smarter ways, Microsoft confirms that technologies are surely going to gain huge importance in the coming years. In fact, the relationship with computers is certainly going to get stronger, and this will give rise to the initiation of more and more technically polished equipments and gadgets. Therefore, it’s crystal clear that gaining technical education is extremely important for all those planning to pursue higher studies.

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So, how can students achieve a successful IT career?

The first thing necessary is choosing an accredited institution that offers postgraduate courses in Information and Technology. In this respect, the institutions under UK universities have been doing wonders in letting students pursue lucrative career programs. So, whether you are working or not, you can always enrol in MSc in Information Technology from an accredited institution under UK university.

On successful completion of MSc in Information and Technology program, you will:
  • Learn how to plan, supervise and execute big IT-based projects

  • Apply the lessons to develop your work experience

  • Gain proficiency in critical evaluation and management of real world projects

  • Acquire eligibility to work in managerial positions in Web Development, Network Management etc.
So, you see how valuable it is to earn an IT degree in today’s world. Well, Microsoft has already portrayed the success story of such a thriving industry. Therefore, you just need to take the right step to achieve success and prosperity in this field. All the best!!
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