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Blended Learning to Set a Refined Trend in Education for Career Enthusiasts

What about adopting a technique that involves the combination of both learning and teaching through face-to-face sessions as well as through online? Yes, it’s none other than blended learning that has emerged to be an exceptional learning trend for all 21st century learners.

We must not have forgotten the earlier days when students used to read chapters, practice lessons, listen to cassettes and make group discussions in the presence of a teacher in a classroom. Initiating the concept of blended learning now will simply enhance these learning experiences of the new age learners thereby making them proceed to successful career paths with ease and confidence.

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A survey conducted by a global training provider named Cegos, known for providing professional trainings in the European countries, polled a total of 600 HR directors and about 2800 employees in 6 European countries. The subject of the survey dealt with their development practices and professional trainings. Here a question was raised in regard to the different types of learning methods that can set a trend in the long-run.

A notable increase in making use of blended learning classes was found to go high from 35% to 47% in the United Kingdom. This further showed that a good percentage of employees were extremely glad in receiving such trainings since they were able to utilise the same to their existing workplaces. Today, the success rates for blended learners are no doubt soaring year after year since the training professionals are constantly implementing new blended learning techniques in several schools and colleges with the intention to receive exceptional academic results.

According to studies conducted by blended learning experts, the following provisions if introduced can give rise to a perfect learning ambiance for blended learners:
  • All the documents included in a blended learning course module must be provided in electronic format
  • Decisive assessments along with constant feedback should be given to students on a daily basis
  • The personal development plan-work must be executed in an electronic format
  • Every learner must have 24/7 access to all his/her learning contents. In other words, equality must be maintained among students in terms of accessing study materials.
  • Students must take advantage of asynchronous collaborative learning which will enhance their face-to-face learning experiences and therefore result in the creation of supporting learning networks.
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Does Blended Learning have a future for career builders?

Four useful aspects were pointed out in respect to blended learning from a recent study. In fact, the following points positively predict that blended learning smells of a bright future for today’s learners:
  • Timesaving format: Results show that students who opt for blended learning take 25% less time to receive similar learning outcomes just like traditional learners. Therefore, blended learning is indubitably a time saving format.

  • Moneysaving format – Blended learning lets individuals save a good amount of money in comparison to what is usually spend for traditional learning. In fact, this consequently leads to heightened productivity for all blended learners.

  • No rigidity – It’s really tough for one studying for the entire day in a classroom. In this respect, the blended learners will be able to take their classes online from anywhere they wish.

  • Best for remote employees – Those who have their workplaces spread out at several locations will be able to access contents online with ease. No matter in which remote area one resides, blended learning will make it easier for him/her to learn with absolute flexibility.
So, you see how blended learning has undergone remarkable progress in the field of education and have therefore shown individuals the way to build successful careers from any corner of the world. Well, innovations and implementations are in progress, and a day will come when blended learning will be considered a sole necessity for every individual desiring to achieve thriving careers.
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