Saturday, 24 November 2012

11 Shocking Truths about World Education

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
- Nelson Mandela.

We can hardly under play the role and importance education has in one’s life. But then many of us are unaware of the shocking truths about world education. Many of us, cannot imagine the hardships, the others undertake to receive mere basic education. Illiteracy is a burning issue even in this 21st Century.

Some of these shocking truths about World Education are mentioned below:

  • 1 out of 5 adults in this modern world cannot read or write. They have not received the basic education and hence remain illiterate.

  • Majority of the Illiterates are Women. Though most of the developed and developing countries proclaim about “Women Emancipation and Empowerment” but the hard fact is illiteracy rates among women exceed 70%.

  • About 115 million children don’t have basic primary education, as they are not admitted to schools due to various reasons.

  • About 226 million children, drop out after completion of their primary schooling and hence doesn’t have secondary school qualifications.

  • Many of the children, who have somehow completed their secondary level, do not even have the basic reading and writing skills as their schools lacked proper teachers, books and study materials as well as the infrastructure require to give a proper education.

  • Many children miss out on the basic education as their parents are not financially stable to bear their education cost. Moreover they are made to work somewhere, so that they start earning from a very young age and can start contributing to the family income.

  • In many developing schools, public school is not free of cost. In order to attend classes, one needs to buy books, uniform and pay tuition fees which the families can’t afford and hence their children has to skip education.

  • Many children drop out from school as they are discriminated on the basis of racial and ethnic minorities, members of Indigenous communities and migrants.

  • In spite of being in the 21st Century and claiming to bridge the technological divide through the growing access to Internet, the hardcore fact remains Social traditions and deep-rooted religious and cultural beliefs still prevent girls from attending schools.

  • Whenever the parents face some financial issues, they stop sending the girl child to school. This is not so in case of boys. As many as two out of three out-of-school children are girls.

  • Research shows Educated girls and women are more aware of HIV infection, molestation, human trafficking. They marry at a much later stage and have fewer children who have higher chances of going to school and these educated women also make handsome contributions to family income.