Thursday, 15 November 2012

Does Exam Success Really make students happy?

Exam Success

Michael Gove, a British politician currently the Secretary of State for Education recently quoted “Tough exams favoring students who can memorize page after page of facts should be a central part of the school experience.” This education minister seems to be going back to the basics of the traditionalist way of approaching education leaving all the modernists surprised. He is one of the firm believers that traditional techniques guarantee higher educational standards. He further added that, “Exams matter because motivation matters, humans are hard-wired to seek out challenges. And our self-belief grows as we clear challenges we once thought beyond us. The satisfaction of passing tough exams spurs us on to further endeavors and deeper learning.”

This speech has indeed left all of us motivated to go back to the basics and do what is best suited for the youth of today considering they are the future of tomorrow. His speech is a must read piece for the students since it is for the students, especially for their betterment. The pattern of education should be changed in such a way that it becomes more of a pleasurable experience for the students whenever they study. Classroom should not just be limited to books but also the practical application of the knowledge so that people not just read up their books as a mere machines but understand what they are reading and how to apply it in the course of their life. This way education will not just become learning but would also become fun learning.

Examination is used a s a tool to analyze the aptitude of the students, the exams should be so designed that it puts to test the memorizing skills of the students as well because the ability to test the memory of the students is also something which holds prime importance.

Hence it is time to re-design examination patterns in order to re-design the future.