Monday, 26 November 2012

11 Ways How You are Unknowingly Hurting Your Career

Sometimes many of us wonder how we can keep our vocational life stable and unaffected by any kind of mishap. But none of us ever escape from the darker side of things. At some point or the other we all get subjected to ill fate in our professional life. However, you must remember your efficiency and sharp skill plays a major role in your job.

Hurting your Career

So, pros and cons are always a part of one’s career. No matter how much you want to avoid such a situation some day you will fall into its grip that will disrupt your working pattern. Mostly it could happen owing to your own negligence and carelessness.

But you must be acquainted with the various factors that affect your career. The 11 specific ways of ruining your career are as follows:
  • End of academic life is not the end of learning
You must remember learning has no end, one can continue to expand their knowledge through various resources throughout their life. Even when you enter into the world of profession you actually learn through your work that allows career growth.
  • Unsuccessful in accepting new things
You must be mentally prepared to clinch new changes and challenges. There are possibilities that you may face obstacles in your career pathway. You must not be afraid to shift careers whenever in need.
  • Idleness
People who are lethargic and lazy can never achieve their goal in their working space. They lack the energy and faith and do not give hundred percent to their task.
  • Be stern and alert
This is one of the most essential functions of an employee. You may fall prey to a bad person so to avoid any such circumstance be on your guards. Do not let anyone else persecute or intimidate you.
  • Awful bonding with your superior
You must be aware of the fact that your boss plays a major role in your life. As an employee you must keep on mind that you have to perform according to his or her instruction. You must never get into any controversy with your senior as it is sure to give you a bad name in your office. You may even end up losing your job.
  • Not realizing your occupation is just the first step
You are bound to come across many jobs in your professional life. The job that you possess right now may be temporary; there are chances you could switch over to another company. So never take anything for granted and look ahead for better opportunities.
  • Thinking your present job is going to last forever
You must have seen that there are many reputed organisations and companies that had flourished in the beginning but later collapsed or split up owing to some problem. So there is sudden fluctuation in the economy of the world. Hence you must never rely on the job that you are engaged in but always keep choices in your mind.
  • Must devote yourself
You should never give up on polishing your chief working skill and talent. The knowledge that you have acquired may not be sufficient as the working scenario keeps changing with time.
  • Neglecting network
You must have good networking with others. You may feel you do not need it right now but later you will definitely require so it is important to build contacts with others.
  • Absence of social media
You must make use of social media in your career. In this highly advanced technological platform one cannot function accurately without the involvement of media. So you must understand the importance of media.
  • Depending on others
You generally believe that your professional life is depended on your employer but that is absolutely your wrong notion. This leads to a big time career crash.