Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Education is the Key to Stop Extremism and Vandalism

Though there has been immense improvement in the lifestyle of people in the world, there are many things which have still not changed. Still we come across inhuman behavior, corruption, aggression, destruction, violence and all sorts of terrorism that disturbs the decorum of the world. Literacy rate has increased over the years yet flaw exists.

We must keep in mind that if we want our world to be an abode of serenity and peacefulness we must take some necessary steps. The first vital thing that we require to do is educate each and everyone in the world. Education is the substance for fortune, commercial progress, self-fortitude and affluence.

In most of the Muslim countries people become victims of terrorism and crime. They face intolerable pain and suffering. Life seems to have no meaning for them. They struggle every moment with the hope that someday things will get better but things get worse day by day for them. It is the uneducated men in these countries who inhumanly torture everyone in their societies and mostly women are the maximum sufferers.

So we must aim at educating both men and women in these countries. The uneducated men in these countries avert women from being learned. It is these heartless men who brutally torture the women in their society. People getting rebellious with arms only lead to vengeance and assassination. The best way to bring transformation to this chaotic situation is to make use of the power of education.

Breaking into wars with weapons may just give instant contentment but in the long run it creates a gulf between the people in the society. It leads to more hostility and harm to the society. It is time to make the world a better place to live in so the government and the leaders of the nation must intelligently look into the matters that is disturbing the stability in the country.

The government must take the initiative to educate every being in the society at affordable cost. The people must also be endowed with morals and ethics to remain stable or well balanced and keep up with the solemnity in the society. Equal rights to everything should be provided to both men and women. There should be no gender bias and there would be eternal peace in the world.