Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Cloud Computing an Essential Part of IT assures Promising Job Prospects

The IT Industry is ever expanding and to keep pace with its growing demand, CIT or Cork Institute of Technology launched undergraduate and Masters Degree programmes in Cloud Computing in the year 2011. The move is undertaken to address the rising gap in the IT market. John Dolan, the vice president of Global Technical Support of VMware believes that the collaboration between CIT and cloud computing firm is highly superb for being consistent in its last eight years for contributing significantly to the world of Information Technology.

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Instances of Significant Contributions in IT

As offered by CIT, the Higher Diploma in Cloud Computing has impacted VMware Inc. most positively. The outcome is a number of high quality students who are trained in required skills so as to meet a range of business needs. VMware boasts of 700 employees at its Cork base appreciated for their speed of execution, leadership and flexibility; thanks to their expertise and knowledge gained through cloud computing programmes as offered by CIT. Undoubtedly, Cloud Computing is an acknowledging IT programme, which is certainly opening many IT job prospects.

CIT opening a Pipeline of IT Job Prospects

Tim Horgan, Head of Online Delivery with CIT opines that CIT is the main supplier of IT graduates that offer a pipeline of skilled students who are significantly contributing to VMware for assisting in expansion of its operations in Ballincolig.

According to Bob Savage, the managing director and vice president of EMC opines that new graduates in cloud computing are etching impressive milestones towards development of an innovation society. It is believed that cloud is offering benefits of control, efficiency, agility and choice to the IT world. Besides, IT professionals have scopes of adding hugely to the growing demand of next-generation applications as built on Cloud Architecture.

Strong Initiatives by the Government and Education System

Government, education system and industry need to take coherent approach towards adequate supply of talented ICT (Information and Communications Technology) graduates for growth, expansion and support in key emerging sectors within the society. Thus, it is evident that graduates of Cloud Computing are aware of significant workforce skills and experiences for successful contribution in the IT industry and bringing expansive developments to it.

Undeniably, cloud computing is an essential part of Information Technology, which has immense job prospects as stated above.

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