Thursday, 9 May 2013

What happened to Telegraph will happen to iPhone one day

Society is constantly changing and the way it was even 5 years back, is now history. We, as children, were happy with our geometry box, a few Barbie dolls and one or two cartoon series on television. However, look at our kids now. They have fascination towards iPhones, PSPs, iPads and what not. God! Did we even know what things are these when we were of their age?

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From our dresses to our accessories, there is a change in every single thing. The other day I visited London for some work and the hotel where I was staying had a Jacuzzi bathroom. At first, I didn’t know what it is all about, but when the time came for me to take a nice and warm bath, I was surprised. Can a simple bathtub be that stylish and luxurious? I remember when I was a kid, I used to get excited by seeing a shower only, and now when after coming back home I told about my experience in the hotel to my son, he said, “Dad, are you serious you didn’t know about a Jacuzzi? It is in fashion now and I want it in my bathroom after some years, please.” I was surprised.

Fashion Phobia

In my childhood, a typical jeans and a shirt was all we had to buy as new clothes. Even my sister had a few jeans and tees to wear, but now, the fashion industry is blooming with new trends every single day. The fashion shows, great garment sales and what not. A simple piece of cloth is now made into different pieces of clothing, of different styles and shape. That’s what fashion is all about, isn’t it?

Language Evolution

Do you remember answering your mom on phone with TTYL and GN? Or did you ever told your friends to chillax and lol? No, you didn’t as these terms were not born in our time. However, our kids now have different ways to express their feelings. Cool, what do you think?

“Communication” Gap

15-20 years back, how did you communicate with your relatives staying abroad? Either by sending them a telegram or with the help of telegraph, that too once or twice a month or so as the costs were too much. Now, do you think our children will wait to talk to their friends staying in some other country for a month? They will just send them a SMS and wait for their instant replies. Now, they do not think whether to write their message through a telegram or telegraph, but they simply think about changing how their phone looks. My son had a Blackberry and recently, when his BB was only 6 months old, he bought an iPhone. Now, don’t know after 6 more months what he will going to ask me for!

Changing Classrooms (Image: medico-innovation.dk)

Educational Innovations

For me, education was all about going to my school and college regularly and missing a class meant loads of copying from my friend’s notebooks the other day. However, with so much of technological advancement, our kids can now acquire knowledge being at home itself. My best friend’s daughter is pursuing her MBA under a reputed UK University in distance mode. She stays with her family in our neighbourhood in Florida but she had dreams of attending a management course from UK. Due to some financial constraints, she couldn’t opt for a regular course there and my friend enrolled her to her favourite subject in a distance mode under her preferred university. She is now in love with whatever the online MBA course has to offer to her. You can visit this site to know more about such courses.

Hence, there is no stopping for these changes and being a witness of all these changes in my life, I can easily say that there are more to come. Our kids are experiencing something new today and my grandchildren will experience far better than what we see today. Telegraph has converted to iPhone, and with time, iPhone will get converted to something else, and the only thing we can do is wait and watch!
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