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Role of Information Technology in finding Boston Bombing Suspects

Information Technology (IT) is a staple for big screen movies, soaps and serials; having its impact in real life too. Every aspect of human life is influenced by IT given the fast paced life we are leading. Today, the essence of IT replicated as computer and telecommunication equipment is implied in every field to make life easier. While IT has become in-depth, so has life become more complicated. Evident from what we read in papers or see in news channels; the horrendous act of terrorism has the most intimidating effect with more abominable reality of terrorists supposing that they won’t be caught, after all. Not that there are misses in the rarest of rare cases, but Science has advanced to a paramount level where Information Technology is playing crucial role in catching those culprits. 

Image released by FBI on Boston suspect case

The Boston Bombing- What went wrong? 

Terror struck in Boston on the April 15th, where two alleged suspects Tamerian and Dzokhar Tsarnaev were incorporated in the database. Despite the Database having a host of their photos, at the nick hour the system actually failed to come up with a proper match. Unfortunately, one of the brothers was ultimately identified through other means. 

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s first driver’s licence photo was captured when he was just 16. Over the last three years, his facial structure had taken a sea change when he grew. When he became a suspect the earlier photos became less than ideal for matching with his then driver’s licence photo. Besides, all his photos were forward-looking that made identification later all the more complicated. To make matter worse, his driver’s licence photo was a little older and couldn’t possibly get matched with the blurry surveillance image. Sadly, the cameras that took photos of them at the spot failed to get clean shot. 

Though unfortunate, the Boston Bombing case is a rare case of miss. Today, facial recognition has revolutionised the world of investigation wherein the US government is making big investment for facial recognition technology. Let’s have a look at how FBI or other investigation agencies are using services of Security Intelligence Bureau to assist in investigation methods with security software like facial recognition and others. 

Technology that Speaks of a Visionary Future 

The United States is the most advanced country to have invested staggering dollars in security software. With acts of terrorism scaring its people, the Department of Homeland Security is making ample investment as millions of dollars grants to local governments and states. The idea is about retrieving pictures from driver’s licence of identification areas and creating a library of residents. The Port Authority in New York is also installing the so called, ‘defence grade’ computer driven surveillance system at the site of World Trade Centre so as to catch potential terrorists through hundreds of digital eyes. 

For those who know how about this technology should be aware of the importance of Information Technology in connection to using this software for identifying terrorists. The face detection and also enhancement technology recognises patterns in images for matching the same with algorithms in faces. The software then tries to spot certain facial features as reference points so as to extract a ‘faceprint’. Now, this faceprint, which is feature-based, is used as subject for narrowing searches that can eventually trace gender and age of the alleged. 

Thus, explanation of the above signifies how IT, precisely use of computer and its intricate features combined with information technology based software help in tracking these people and thus curbing the trepidation of terrorism. Undeniably, Information Technology has revolutionised the investigation world and has immensely help the US government and other countries as well in their endeavour.

So, is Information Technology the next big thing?

It would be wrong to say that IT is the next big thing, as it is already. Today, the most complicated world of Intelligence Bureau, FBI and investigation agencies are involving phenomenal endowments of IT for saving the world. A most noble thought in it, many people find it fascinating to be part of this world. But to be so, one has to be a student of IT and learn its nuances to master its complicated skills and expertise. In that case, pursuing IT courses from recognised University will consolidate your career and cement your position in this world. The courses entail key focus on areas that will help you enhance knowledge and upgrade your IT skills.

Wield the power of Information Technology and give your nation relief from terror. 

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