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iPad - A Phenomenal Device Lending Education a Touch of Modernity

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The current education system is gradually becoming so modernised and unconventional that teachers will now enter classrooms with iPads instead of carrying chalks, dusters and books. In fact, iPads can now be used as a standalone support device that can prove extremely valuable for classrooms. Besides, one can use it as a control pad to access video content, search online courses and even download free books.

Is iPad really for teachers & classrooms – what experts say?

Academicians who have turned extremely keen to provide education through such modernised technologies are considering iPad to be the most resourceful tool that will not take much time to lend education a new meaning and significance. What’s best is that teachers are allowed to take notes, set reminders and record behaviours of their students through an iPad. Tech experts moreover say that this is going to be one of the most engaging devices for teachers who would be able to initiate group activities in their respective classrooms.

iPad – an asset for classrooms

It’s however true that although teachers are well aware of the benefits of using modernised learning tools like iPads and tablets, budgetary limitations can obstruct the way through which technology will be used to enhance learning experiences in smaller schools.

Plenty of schools today prefer spending money on traditional learning equipments than doing the same for iPads. In this context, some teachers have opined that this will not reap any extra benefits for the students. Rather, if an institution spends on a single or a couple of iPads for a classroom, it will indubitably act as an asset that will further help students in planning lessons and effective curriculums.

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iPads offer a variety of software (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Impact of iPads on faculties and students – a global survey
  • Almost 77% of the faculties have admitted that the success rates of students have soared owing to the initiation of iPads.

  • About 67% of the staff and 73% of the students have felt that students have been able to enhance the quality of their course assignments through iPads.

  • Almost 69% of the students admitted that iPads have helped them to work with more interest and gain motivation.

So, how educators will utilise an iPad in a classroom?

Well, an iPad can be a teacher’s pet using which he/she can initiate fun and excitement in a classroom. Let’s see how:
  • From an iPad, a teacher can extract a piece of information and mirror it to a projector. This will help students to go through their lessons on a big screen.

  • To monitor noise levels, track behaviour, exhibit messages, calculate down time and select students randomly, teachers can make good use of an iPad.

  • If there is any efficient tool to assess the performance level of a student, it’s none other than an iPad. In fact, a teacher can preserve anecdotal notes, grade student work and accumulate learning artefacts through this multipurpose learning tool.

  • Students desire to interact more with their teachers. So, it’s an iPad that can help teachers to communicate with their students online. In fact, teachers can host game shows and even conduct polls. This will keep the students happy and engaged with their lessons.

  • iPad is also an excellent tool for preserving photos, videos and other documents online. So, whether it’s a teacher or a student, one will be able to access them easily at any time he/she wishes.
So, you see how iPads can help teachers modify their teaching strategies and make students learn with more fun and pleasure. In fact, distance learners will surely love using iPads that will rather let them adopt modern learning approaches to complete their respective courses from any corner of the world. Remember, iPad is an inspiration for the forthcoming generations that will give rise to updated educators and smart learners.

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