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Online Education & its Effectiveness Depends a lot on Quality & Affordability

People are now talking about pursuing higher education by using a wide range of modernised technologies. The phase of using blackboards and subject-based text books is gradually getting omitted because students and working professionals now love creating groups and collaborate with one another to complete their respective assignments with ease and perfection.

Students using iPads in Classroom in Utah (Image: 24saltlake.com)

Evolution of technology in education

In the past few years, plenty of new age learners have immensely benefited in updating themselves by utilising resources online. Well, initially it was simple emailing that gave rise to rich communication among people. Today, there are several social media sites through which different people from different communities collaborate with each other and create discussions on various subjects. In fact, this concept has proved extremely useful for numerous institutions for collaborating with their students, facilitators and alumni associations.

Contributions towards technology are widening

Well, pedagogy has emerged to be a major challenge in many schools and colleges all over the world. In fact, it’s a big reason why institutions are now adopting new learning approaches instead of providing monotonous recorded lectures to their candidates.

Plenty of schools and colleges are now investing more towards getting electronic whiteboards and replacing them with blackboards. Several institutions are now making it a point to include DVDs and CDs alongside their course materials to let students acquire a thorough understanding of their respective lessons.

When people earlier started relying on postal mail services, the need for speeding them up popped up that consequently gave rise to advanced technologies. The concept of emailing was thereafter initiated through which people could communicate with ease from several corners around the world. Similarly, what matters most in the world of education now is the introduction of new and effective technologies that can let individuals study with absolute pleasure and hence discard monotonousness.

3 key areas to focus for an online learner

Well, to get the pedagogy right, there are three key areas that can prove extremely beneficial for students learning online – Affordability, Access and Quality:
  • Affordability – In a traditional institution, the incremental expenses incurred behind each and every student are much more than those spent on online learners. Although an institution offering online courses is required to coordinate with each and every student and grade individual performances, they are not required to pay extras for chairs and tables. Likewise, they do not require online students to pay lump sum course fees.

  • Access – Utilising the internet, learners from diverse corners of the world can now interact with their online instructors and fellow classmates to discuss on various subjects and sort out queries related to those subjects. As per reports, Western Universities presently have millions of enrolled learners for their Open Online courses.

  • Quality – If the pedagogy is right, the correct use of technology is bound to make one’s learning experiences better and stronger. In fact, interacting with highly qualified teachers, concentrating on collaboration and following consistent curriculums are the best ways to let students undergo quality experiences.


A small investment in yourself can go a long way to making a difference for your future.

In fact, you will have to pay 30 to 60% less than a full-time campus programme. So, will you not gain as an online learner? Think about it!!

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