Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Quality is what Distance Learning Universities Speak About

Believe it or not, what online universities are aiming in today’s world is not to earn loads of money but ensure supreme quality with the intention to make students and working professionals enhance their knowledge, skills and intellect. Of course, money speaks everywhere, whether it comes to enrolling in a university or using its study materials. But don’t you think that receiving quality education right from home and that too without spending lump sums, like one does to enrol in a full-time programme, is the most valuable gift you can ever get?

Well, distance learning universities are making use of super effective measures that are consequently giving rise to world class education. So, let’s take a look at some strategies adopted by today’s distance learning universities to sustain quality academic standards. Take a look:

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Live Webinars to ensure success – The majority of online distance learning providers are hosting live webinars for distance learners with the intention to engage them into learning new strategies for success. Webinars can either be conducted before a programme or can be initiated throughout an entire programme to help students enhance their attentiveness by providing them relevant information on campus resources and policies.

Social Media – Online university instructors ask students them to create their personal profiles in social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, as well as in video optimisation sites like YouTube. Here the distance learners come to know everything about all those events going on in their respective campuses. Through the social media sites, students are also informed of various opportunities that can let them build successful careers.

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Supportive calls and emails – Distance learning university advisers are now making use of telephonic advising sessions, motivational messages and email templates with useful information to interact with students learning online. The intention here is to polish their communication skills.

Orientation – The distance learning universities by designing an orientation for students gives them a list of contacts and resources before they kick off with their respective courses. The instructors clearly address their expectations to the students and familiarize them to the virtual world at the same time.
Resource portal – A portal must be created by every online university so that it becomes easier for students to access latest information regarding their courses. This will help them keep updated and sustain pace with their course lessons.

Learning communities – Creating learning communities is one of the most effective initiatives of today’s distance learning providers. By integrating learning communities into active Learning Management Systems or social engagement networks, students will undergo quality and innovative learning experiences.

So, you see that the distance learning from online universities today are accentuating on quality and not quantity. Therefore, if you are in a dilemma whether enrolling online in a distance learning course would be fruitful for career growth, take your answer as ‘yes’ and proceed to fulfil your career goals online.
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